AB Tutor Control – License Activation a problem with the license

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Hi there,

I have bought the license for AB Tutor Control to activate it and get the full control with all the option available. I bought it online and all the data from the email that they send to me, when I tried to activate the program I got this error message. I contacted the support, but no response yet. I would like to ask how can I can I activate the program ? They sold me a fake license ? Please help me !

Thank you !

AB Tutor Control – License Activation

Sorry, but there seems to be a problem with your license.

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AB Tutor Control – License Activation a problem with the license


When activating your software, make sure your computer has an active internet connection and the program is properly installed and just waiting for it to be activated. If you still get the error, check if you are activating the right program for AB Tutor because it consists of 2 different programs: the AB Client, and the AB Tutor.

The AB Client is the module for the student where the tutor program will be connecting to, controlled, and monitored. The AB Tutor component is for the teacher that will control, monitor, and connect to the client program. If you installed the AB Client module, this program doesn’t require activation. The activation of the software is only required if you installed the AB Tutor module.

Check again which program or module you have installed to verify if you still need to activate it or not. The product activation is very simple. Launch AB Tutor, go to Help, and then License Activation. Insert your serial number in the appropriate field and click Activate. The error you received normally appears in cases where you give the same “friendly name” on two different installations.

Each time you install it, whether it is the client or the tutor module, you need to give it a unique name different from the previous one. To fix this error, remove the “friendly name” you specified and let it choose the default name which is the computer’s name.

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