7-Zip Internal Error Code 105 while compressing files

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Hello Team,

I am working for some random company. My job is to send to emails of huge attachments to clients. I hence use winzip software. My client asked me to upgrade to 7 zip. I downloaded and installed 7 zip software.

Now I am not able to compress files as its giving driver not found. Please resolve my issue ASAP so that I can continue with my work.



NVDIA Display Driver v285.62 – English Package

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7-Zip Internal Error Code 105 while compressing files



I could see that your attempting to install NVIDIA graphics driver. There are many reason why this happens.

1.  Probably caused by a corrupted file from downloads.

     Solution: Restart your computer. Then try to download it again. After download is done, run the installation.

2. You don't have administrative grant to install the program.

     Solution: Run as admin when trying to install a program. Right click and then select run as admin.

3. Another application might be using the file.

     Solution 1: Close the other application that uses the file.

     Solution 2: Restart the computer, close all the applications except for those use by the system. Then run the installation

4. If for instance you open the file twice.

     Solution: Do solution from 3.

5. The computer antivirus software might be scanning the file.

     Solution: Let the antivirus finish scanning the file before attempting to install.

Hope this will solve the issue.

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7-Zip Internal Error Code 105 while compressing files


When compressing files with huge sizes with 7-Zip, make sure the amount of RAM on your computer can handle the compression level you selected for the file. Normally, when you compress a file, the “Add to Archive” dialog asks for the setting you want for the file. Here, you can select different compression levels for your file. The lowest compression level you can set for a file is Store.

This setting requires the least amount of RAM, about 1 MB both for compression and decompression. This setting doesn’t offer any compression at all. It’s just like putting one or more files in one container without compressing. The highest compression level you can set for a file is Ultra which requires 709 MB RAM for compression and 66 MB RAM for decompression.

Adjust the setting to complement with your current memory specification. If you have very little amount of RAM left, try closing other running applications before starting the compression because it will put your system to a frozen-like state if you set the compression level to the highest. Also, if you are using an older version of 7-Zip, you might want to update to the latest.

Go to 7-Zip File Archiver to download. The latest at the moment is 7-Zip 16.02.

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