7 zip cannot complete the operation archiving

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Hello experts,

I am trying to compress a large file 4GB and during the compress this error appears. I tried many times to compress and same result. Can anyone help me please to compress 4GB file ? Is there another way to compress such large file ?

Thank you !

Compressed (Zipped) Folder Error

Unable to Complete the Operation.

Access is denied.

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7 zip cannot complete the operation archiving


Since it is an “access denied” error, it means you have a privilege or permission issue. Make sure you are using an administrator account instead of a limited account. If you are using a limited account, log out and then login back using an administrator user account. Try it again and see if it works. If it doesn’t, right-click on your file archiver shortcut, point to “Run as” and then select Administrator.

For example you have 7-Zip, right-click 7-Zip on your desktop then point to “Run as” and then select Administrator. Next, try compressing again the 4 GB file you have then see if it works. Also, check the amount of RAM your computer has. Sometimes compressing a big file with only a little amount of RAM will have a problem.

Sometimes the only problem you will get on big files is the extremely slow compression speed which is because of the small amount of RAM installed on the computer. If you frequently compress big files like your 4 GB file, might as well consider adding more RAM to your computer to fix the issue and improve the compression performance.

You can also adjust the compression settings for the file to find a much better way of compressing the file. See image.

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