64 bit vs 32 bit OS

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I am planning on changing my OS to Windows 7. I am not sure whether to go for a 32 bit or a 64 bit because I don’t understand the difference between the two. And what are the specifications for using either of the two?

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64 bit vs 32 bit OS



Yes, you are right. It is really a very big issue, that many individuals face, because they don't know the actual difference between these two operating systems. But here is some information on these two, based on which you can differentiate it easily.

  • 32 bit operating systems give you more speed when compared to 64 bits. A hanging problem may arise in your PC, if you have 64 bits.
  • In homes mostly 32 bit OS is used not 64 bits.
  • One difference is that, there is a hardware which requires for it, and you make sure which is in your PC. I.e. For 32 bits you don't have any hard and fast rule about having a hardware in your PC. Without that hardware a 32 bit can perform its functions well, but for 64 bits, there is a need of a large bus which supports your system to carry out that 64 bit operating systems.
  • RAM for 32 bit is required, up to 4 GB, while there is a multiple of bits required to operate the RAM on 64 bit OS.
  • There is also a difference of response like 64 bit is faster as compared to 32 bit, and there are more transistors in it, which suggests that there is really a big difference between these two.
  • 32 bits are friendly and have provided an awesome environment for the user.

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