550 or 530 FTP error

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I am having a headache with this 550 or 530 FTP error, which I have not encountered before and which I am not familiar with.

I am using Dreamweaver and my machine is  XP. I have checked all of my input settings and as far as I know, all are correct even the proxy settings etc. I even get to Edit and preferences. The value of my FTP time-out field is 60. In the end, I am still having an issue connecting.

I am tired of this issue already and I think it’s better to reach out to the experts. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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550 or 530 FTP error

Hi Harry,
FTP errors occur when you are accessing FTP sites. Error FTP 530 simply means that you are not logged in or the authentication failed. The username and password are incorrect. This error can be simply resolved by just verifying the right username and password you or just leave it as blank.
With regard to error 550, this means that the file is not available or is no longer in the FTP directory. You just need to verify if the file still exists or you are authorized to put files on the FTS site. 
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550 or 530 FTP error


Hi Harry,

FTP aka File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files on the web.

Your FTP client is your browser, which makes a request(s) to the server, which are codes that are numbered. They can either represent –

a. Errors

b. The status of communication.

Now, there are lot of FTP codes, but coming back to the problems you have mentioned specifically about codes 550 and 530.

You have set the FTP time out field to setting of 60 which is appropriate. So don't worry or mull over changing that. Lets understand first what these codes actually mean

530 – This simply means the current user has not logged in.

How to overcome this??

Please check that you have entered the correct username/password combination or login if you haven't done so. This should resolve the problem.

550 – Means the action or request that you have made cannot be accomplished. Can also say file unavailable or not found or is inaccessible.

To solve this particular problem, firstly the server that you are trying to connect requires that the administrator should grant you  the permission to connect to the particular server by FTP. Make sure you have the permission to do so, else the error will keep repeating. Secondly also check the server you are trying to connect is the correct one.

Hope my hints were helpful.

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