504 Gateway someone please help me! !

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504 Gateway Time-out

The server didn't respond in time.

I am trying to access sites on my Google chrome, and I have this 504 gateway error message.

Could you help me fix my problem? 

Been encountering this for quite some time, and it's really a headache. I have a lot of pending work..

I hope to hear something from you guys. 

Thanks in advance,

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504 Gateway someone please help me! !


Hello Josef,

This 504 error message in chrome is actually a server error, it indicates either the server where it access data is down or not responding at all. Well there's nothing you can do with it as it is not a problem from your end.

You can basically retry the URL again and as its a direct server problem so probably whoever visits that website gets the same error. Its a temporary problem and administrators or the website owners start working on it as soon as they get to know about it so I am pretty sure that it will be resolved soon.

You can try back the URL after some time. Am sure you won't get the error message anymore and still if you get that error than you can directly report it to the webmaster of the website through an email.

Hope this works,


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