Is 3d view on a video camera?

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In a world where 3d imaging is now a concept for most TVs and movies and most likely will be now for most cinemas. 

i wonder if 3d imaging can be applied also when recording and playing a video from your camera without wearing special glasses. For it will be very odd to see someone recording a video yet wearing 3d glasses..

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Is 3d view on a video camera?


Yes, definitely!  We can view 3D on video camera using the 3D HD Pocket camcorder. 3D camcorder have rotted along behind.

A 3D HD Pocket camcorder is comparable in size with Compact Camera. Many 3D camcorders can track record stereo sound and provided with image stabilization. If you want to get a true 3D image or video, you need to have a camcorder that uses 2 lenses and 2 image sensors to capture two sets of images.

It can creates the "stereoscopic" effect that fools our brain into thinking we're seeing depth on the screen. In some cases, the two lenses are fit together into the camcorder itself. On the other hand, a double-lens kit is advertise as an accessory. It can be connect to the camcorder when you want to film in 3D and removed it if you want to film in 2D.

There aren't many 3D camcorders on the market, but based on the selection currently available, you still need to  pay more for a camcorder that offers 3D functionality ………

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Is 3d view on a video camera?

Nowadays, technology has really gone up. Maybe someday the movies that we watched like Avatar will come to life.  
DSLR cameras are also in the road.  Everyone loves to own one to take pictures and videos.  
But isn’t  much more fun to shoot videos in 3D, since we all love to watch 3D movies.  I had been thinking if there are Video Camcorder like this.  Well, Sony just produced it’s awesome consumer model 3D Video Camera.
 Here it is, your very own 3D Video Camcorder without glasses.
           You can watch your 3D videos 
           and also shoot videos in 3D.  Is’nt awesome!
           HDR-TD10 3D Camcorder Video
           Price: $1,500.00
If this one is too expensive for you.  
Try some generic products that are affordable yet you can get what you want.
This 3D View Video Camcorder has a 7 inch screen 3D media player which you can shoot without glasses on.
Price:  $600.00
Now you can experience real time shooting your own 3D videos. Share and treasure those unforgettable moments.  

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