New 2TB HDD cannot be detected by BIOS

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Hello Everyone,

Recently, I've purchased a new Dell PC with Core I 3 Processor, 4 GB Ram and 500 GB HDD. Though it's a branded PC and comes up with a 500 HDD, I wanted to upgrade it with 2 TB HDD. Actually, I want to set it up as a file server in my office with Linux OS. As we are a development agency, we need to store huge documents. That's why, I have to set it up as a file server.

My problem is, after setting up my 2 TB HDD with my system, I entered it to BIOS, but it didn't find the HDD. Is there any solution to support my 2 TB HDD with my system?

Please help me.


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New 2TB HDD cannot be detected by BIOS


Hi there,

First of all, you need to make sure that the hard disk you are trying to install is working perfectly. You can test it with other PC's that are compatible with it. If you are sure that the hard drive is in good working condition, you need to go to Dell's website and seek for their support services. You need to find out the maximum supported Hard Disk for your specific Dell PC. You can go to this website for more info, enter details of your PC and look for this information.

If you can’t find the specific information, you can either call or write to them. You have to mention them about your problem. Alternatively, you can also try to update your PC with the latest BIOS/Drivers and then try to install the hard drive.

Good luck with your venture.

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New 2TB HDD cannot be detected by BIOS


Hello Sbappy.

It would have helped if you posted the specific model of your Dell PC. You also did not specify whether you removed the 500 GB HDD and replaced it with the 2 TB HDD or if you simply added the 2 TB HDD as a second hard drive.

Try these suggestions:

  1. Verify that the 2 TB hard drive is indeed working by trying it on another computer.
  2. Check all cable (power and SATA) connections.
  3. Some Dell users with nVidia chipsets (Check if your Dell has an nVidia chipset) report that updating the chipset driver solves the problem with 2 TB HDD formatting.
  4. Update the BIOS. You can get the latest BIOS from the Dell's support site.

Sorry, I couldn't provide more specific solutions as the info you provided is incomplete.

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