“0x8007000E not enough memory error” while using Outlook 2003

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Hi All

This error message appeared while I was using Outlook 2003.

Can't open default folders

I have tried all suggestions mentioned on this website, but can’t able to fix the problem.

That’s why, I bought Outlook 2007 which fixed the "can't open the default folders problem, but now outlook cannot send or receive and gives me this error:

0x8007000E not enough memory error

OutIook Send/Receive Progress

1 of 2 Tasks have completed successfully

Dont show this dialog box during Send/Receive

Task ‘SiteWizard Archive – Receiving’ reported error (0x8007000E) ‘Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again.’

I hope that someone will be able to repair this issue as I am really not eager to purchase Outlook 2010.

Suggestions will be appreciated.


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“0x8007000E not enough memory error” while using Outlook 2003


Installation fails due to less memory . 
Either your RAM has out of memory or your Hard rive has.

First check Hard rive :- 
Just go to my computer and please check you have memory ,doing that do these also 
Go to run by clicking on start or by pressing winkey+r then type %temp% then hit enter then

Delete everything that you see in it , if you face any problems in doing so just ignore those files.
Now still problem means lower your virtual memory, Right click You my computer click properties and then select advanced then go select settings for performance then click on change near the virtual memory then select custom size and input a small amount lesser that its current this will increase your C Drive space if you cannot delete your personnel files from it.
The steps i told above i attached a screenshot check it



The problem is with RAM memory , Just go to my Assistant's blog , he has posted the exact details 
Step by step to assist you for removing space from your RAM without using any third party software or any such things.

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“0x8007000E not enough memory error” while using Outlook 2003


The error does not mean that there is not enough memory on your computer system or hard drive. It simply means that the memory available for your Outlook cannot hold the information or the virtual memory is too low. All you need to do is to increase it.

But I will first suggest that you remove the application and then try saving to another location and then delete all of its contents. And then, restart your computer and re-install the application again. If this doesn't resolve your problem, then this might be an issue with the MAPI32.dll. Try fixing it by using the MAPI Repair Tool. You can find this on your C:WindowsSystem32 folder. Just look for the fixmapi.exe and double-click to run it.

Another possible reason may be, the email profile that you are using is broken or damaged already. Try to create a new profile and restart your Outlook. Or the email message that you received may be corrupted so try to delete it if you cannot move it to other folder. But if you don't want to lose that email, repair the Outlook PST but you will need to purchase the software for repairing it.

Lastly try closing all the active programs including the Outlook. And then, restart your Outlook again.

I hope this will solve your problem.

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“0x8007000E not enough memory error” while using Outlook 2003


That is an “Out of memory” error which can only be triggered when your application can no longer use any resources because your machine’s resources have been exhausted. If you are using Office Outlook when the error was triggered, check if you have other programs running in the background.

If you have other programs running aside from Microsoft Office Outlook, close all of them then try sending the message again in Office Outlook. See if this works. If it doesn’t, exit Office Outlook then restart your computer. Start Office Outlook then send the message again.

If your computer is running with a small physical RAM, you can increase the virtual memory of your operating system to avoid receiving “out of memory” error. You can do this if adding more RAM to your computer is not yet an option but still the best solution to this problem is to upgrade the memory of your computer.

To increase the virtual memory of your operating system, right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”. Select “Advanced” tab and click “Settings” under “Performance” section. In “Performance Options” dialog, select “Advanced” tab and click “Change” under “Virtual memory” section. In “Virtual Memory” dialog, select “Custom size” and enter the values for “Initial size” and “Maximum size”.

The old thumb rule for the ideal virtual memory size is 1.5 times or double the size of your physical RAM. That means if you have 2 GB RAM, your virtual memory size could be either 4 GB or 3 GB. You can enter either without quotes “3000” for 3 GB or “4000” for 4 GB.

But you don’t need to follow this old thumb rule if you don’t require big virtual memory. I myself don’t follow this. I have 2 GB RAM on my PC and my virtual memory is only 2 GB. You will know when to increase the size of your virtual memory. When you are finished entering the values for your virtual memory, click “Set” and then “OK”.

Restart your computer if it prompts you. Additionally, it is a good idea if both “Initial size” and “Maximum size” will have the same values to reduce fragmentation on your system drive.

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