0x8000000600 Error Code with Outlook 2007

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A couple of days ago, a friend of mine came by to inquire regarding his Outlook 2007 application. Based on his statement, he can send mails but cannot receive incoming mails.

Moreover, it also encountered a cryptic error message (0X8000000600).

After several inquiries through Google, no helpful material was produced in regard to (0x8000000600) error.

While all sorts of traditional myth has also failed such as restarting the system and mail server (in his case – Mdaemon Standard 11).

With this, I came up to make use of PST file as I am confident that by making a fresh PST file would definitely fix the issue. I created it and set its status to be the default option to receive mails.

Kindly advise if my alternative solution is correct and the error will no longer occur in the future?

Thank you.

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0x8000000600 Error Code with Outlook 2007


To fix error code (0x8000000600) follows:

  1. Close Outlook 2007
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Open Mail (Control Panel Item)
  4. Click on Data Files
  5. Click on Add
  6. Click on OK

The default file name of Personal Folders (1).pst is likely to be displayed

Also accept the file name or type one of your liking, e.g.: OutlookNEW. pst

7. Click OK

 “Create Microsoft Personal Folders” will now be accessible

The name “Personal Folders” will be presented; this is the name that will be shown for the folder in the Direction finding pane of Outlook 2007 (left hand side). Either accept this name, or type one of your liking, e. g.: New Outlook Folder.

Enter password particulars, or leave blank. By default there is no password, and this is the setting that I chose.

8. Click OK

 “Account Settings” dialog again, and you will see an additional PST file in the list of folders.

9. Click on Close

The first step of the fix is now complete; a new data file has been created. We now must set the new file to be the default mail recipient

10. Click on Email Accounts

 “Account Settings” will be accessible again, this time your Email account(s) will be displayed.

11. Select your email account from the list (click on it, so that it is “highlighted”)

12. Click on Change Folder (bottom left of the dialog)

“Choose a folder” you will see a list of folders, with the one that you created earlier.

If you gave your newly created PST file a unique name, e. g.: OutlookNEW. pst, you will see a folder with the name Outlook New. If you didn’t choose a unique file name for your new PST file, e. g.: you chose Personal Folders (1).pst or similar, you will need to double click each folder entry. The entry that does not expand is the new file that you created earlier. If a folder expands, after being double clicked, it will show Inbox, Sent Items, etc under it.

13. Select your newly created folder (“highlight” it)

14. Click on “New Outlook Data File”

15. Click on OK

16. Select the PST file that you created earlier (at Step 6 & 7)

17. Click on OK

18. Click on Cancel

19. Click on the “Change Folder” button again

20. Place your new folder (again!)

21. Double click on it

22. Select Inbox (under your new folder)

23. Click on OK

Congratulations the default mail delivery location is now set to your new folder.

 You can now close any open dialogs, including the “Account Settings” dialog, and the Control Panel.

24. Open Outlook 2007

You will now be sending and receiving emails again!

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