How to create cover page Excel. I have a report in excel format but I want to make the cool cover which is more attractive on submitting time. Can you please suggest how to change a cover page in exce

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How can I design an excel cover sheet for my project? How to create a good front cover on my reports which are in this format?

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I have many excel files in the computer, and I want to change them to .exe.  So, how do I convert excel to exe online? Please tell me about this.

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Notify about the visual basic in excel 2007 and steps for the same as well for just referencing it and thanks for the solutions too and revert soon.

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Hi, I am using microsoft excel on a windows computer. I am going to pay my mortgage payments soon. I have heard that excel can make the calculations easier. How can I calculate mortgage payment in exc

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Hello, can you please tell me how to install the free code 128 barcode font for excel. Also if possible mentioned the step wise procedure for easy understanding.

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