Xandros Linux

Xandros Linux

Hi, I brought HTC 7 pro mobile with Android OS. I have to download the gps transfer software for android free. So it should be free and I tried to find it in android app store. But I couldn’t find it. So please give me some links to download. Thanks. 

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Hi, I need a help, How to view PCX files in the Linux operating system? Is there any specific software to view the PCX file please send the download link to download that software. And send some helping tutorial explanations for how to use that software, Special features, Main advantages and disadvantages.

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I have been searching on the web for some ways to print XPS files using Linux Operating System. Considering that there is no viewer on Linux that is capable of viewing XPS files, what are some other ways and alternatives to the printing?

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I would like to get your feedbacks regarding the Xandros Linux Desktop OS 3.0 Deluxe Edition. Has anyone here tried it already? Some say that its firewall/ security features are totally dependable. Can someone give me a brief, through each upgraded features from file management down to security system? Thank you.

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Due to the recent change in Ubuntu's desktop, I transferred to Xandros. and so far, I liked how the system works. However, I need to run some Windows applications seamlessly in Xandros. I was able to install wine successfully in Ubuntu, however, that process don't work in Xandros. How can I install Wine and run Windows applications in Xandros?

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I have a problem I need to solve for my friend. I'm using Xandros Linux with my crappy comp . Well I just got my comp back from repair shop.It was all fast and good. I totally love it but he I a problem installing a printer and connecting to the internet.

I installed my printer because it says "You system is not compatible enough" or something but it worked perfectly when it was windows 98. 
I'm Printer model is HP DeskJet 3550. Modem (internet) : Motorola (Cable Modem) Surfboard Sb5100.

What do I do to get this going smoothly?

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Installation of Xandros was done by a wizard that asks questions about partitioning and the administrator (root) password. Is it possible to install and use the GNOME and Xfce desktop environments on Xandros?

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