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Windows Mobile OSs

Windows Mobile OSs

I have a notebook, on which I want to use Android operating system.  

I want to know if it is possible, to install Android Operating System on a notebook and if possible how do I go about it so that, I am able to use Android Operating System.

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I have a Nokia 3110i set. I bought it 2 months ago. I use my USB cable, to use it as EDGE Modem. But recently I have lost the cable and my USB port is also giving me some trouble. So, I don’t want to buy another cable.

I want to use it by using Bluetooth. How can I do that?

Please help.


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I received an error on my Smart Phone device.

The story is that I have DPI aware app. All my binaries have resource CEUX/HI_RES_AWARE with value 0x0001.

But while installing cabinet on a WM6 device it keeps saying the following error:

The program you have installed may not display properly because it was designed for a previous version of Windows Mobile Software.

What I have to do to get rid of it?

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Hi guys,

I am using windows XP home edition and I have an imate KJam windows mobile phone. I just formatted my C drive and did a clean install. After that I'm unable to connect my mobile with my PC. It was working just fine before the re installation, hence there is no fault in mobile / connectivity cable.

I was using active sync version 4.5 in previous windows installation and using the same this time. Whenever I tried to connect my mobile with the data cable attached to the system, it gives me the following error.

active sync error

Microsoft ActiveSync

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Hello all,

I am new to mobile customization and installation of applications in symbian s60 devices. I attempted to use hello-osx, I signed this application with opda 27 capability certificate. And installed it into my mobile.

Then i tried installing nokia ovi suits but still I am getting error certificate not valid error. Error is same like this error but on my Samsung i8910.


Certificate error.

Contact the application supplier.

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