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Windows Mobile OSs

Windows Mobile OSs

Hi, I am currently experiencing a problem with my music player. This problem started some time back and I thought that it would be solved once I upgraded to IOS 5 but I was wrong as it persisted after the upgrade. When I select a certain song in the playlist it plays a different one or skips to the next one. It appears as if the list is being shuffled.

I would like to stop this from happening, but I don’t know how to do this. If someone knows the settings that I should change please let me know.

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There are tags or labels that are visibly displayed at the top of the windows when I updated the old OS to ME OS 5 of my iPad. Is there a method to remove these tags that have been crossing at the top of the page?

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Hello! We primarily used Zimbra for syncing emails and calendars. Now, we need to sync mobile phones to our Zimbra accounts. I successfully sync Android phones, iPhones and Blackberry but I was unable to sync Windows Phone successfully. The server that we are using has their own self-signed certificates and our client cannot afford to buy other certificates. I am receiving error when trying to set up account in Windows Phone. The error is: The server's certificate has problem. Contact your technical support. Error code: 80072F0D. How can I be able to sync with this kind of certificate? Can anyone help?

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Will bada capture the Mobile OS market in the coming 2 years?

If Samsung starts using bada OS,

How much will be the loss to Android?

Is there any chance of a new OS coming into the market apart from Android, ios, bada, MeeGo etc?

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Good day!

My computer runs on Windows 8, I am experiencing problems with Windows Media Player. I am unable to use it to watch movies. It functions on and off. What might be the cause?

Please help me… Thanks…

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Good Day!

My headphones can’t work on windows 8, they have previously worked on windows 7 on my PC and they function on other PCs.

Even after installing all drivers the problem persists.

I Have installed all the latest available drivers I could fine.

Has realtek developed a driver for window 8?

Please guide me.

Thank you.

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Hi! I have a server with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 installed. It had some hardware issues so I am trying to move the mailboxes to a different server, but when I move them, the action causes ActiveSync errors on the Windows Mobile 7. Have anyone had this problem before or does anyone know how to deal with it?

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 What is the fastest way to delete a very large folder in windows?

If I do it using Windows Explorer I have to wait an eternity.

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I have a problem with the Google Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

I have managed installing it but the error happens after starting Eclipse, and running the Android SDK. The message I get is this:

Android SDK

Location of the Android SDK has not been setup in the preferences.

I’d be very grateful for a detailed answer on what seems to be the problem.

Thanks very much.

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Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble importing the Android project. When I try to either import it or create a new one the following error message is displayed:


Cannot create linked resource ‘/.org.eclipse.jdt.core.external.folerds/.link0’. The parent resource is not accessible.


Cannot create linked resource ‘/.org.eclipse.jdt.core.external.folerds/.link0’. The parent resource is not accessible.”

If anyone had the same problem please leave some info on how to deal with it.

Thank you very much in advance.

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