Windows ME

Windows ME

Hi everyone,

Whenever I'm opening my PC windows ME the documents folder opens automatically on start up.I have been experiencing this problem since a month after installing new games in my personal computer.Does it have something to do with it i mean installing new games can result in these types of changes.Please help me I want to change it back to default settings and let me know how to do it please

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My old Windows ME desktop was recently attacked by a Win32 Trojan virus and it now won't boot up.  Where can I download Windows ME boot disk?  Please help.  Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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An Old DOS Program, HOS.AAA, to figure Amortization Schedules. Of the printers it gives me to choose from, the latest Model is the HP Laserjet 2 Series which has not been produced for years. Now I have installed a Kyocera FS3920DN printer, and the program is not print to it.My PC has the driver for the printer, but how do I tell the DOS program to use it.?

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My laptop with Windows ME doesn't recognize my external HDD and it will only read SD cards from my USB card reader and not directly from SDHC cards. Is this normal or is there a way to fix this issue?

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I tried installing Adobe's flash player and Firefox on my Windows ME but it's not allowing me to do so? Can anyone help? Is there a work around on this?

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Will I still be able to run my older 16-bit application and DOD application in Windows ME?

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I am upgrading from Win98SE to WinME. When I get to the hardware settings and plug and play detection , the system hangs.

I get error: 0E:0028:C002006 and 0E: 0028: C0027562, on a blue screen, for example. I have to reboot by unplugging the machine.

I have crappy HP Pavilion 6535. I installed an Ethernet card and a 2.0 USB card, 2 weeks before the upgrade. The new hardware installs never worked on Win98SE. Could this be why I'm getting the error codes? When installing WinME? Due to incompatibility?

Regards, Able31

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Hi experts,

I have a computer Intel Pentium 1.3 GHZ, 128 MB RAM running Windows Millennium Edition. Few weeks ago, my computer was infected and didn't work. So I had to reformat it and install Windows Millennium. I intend to upgrade Win XP but I'm not sure that my computer works well with my current system.

I'm using WPN111 Wireless USB adapter to connect to Internet through WPN824 Wireless Router. I installed driver for Wireless USB following Wizard and no error was shown up during installation, but I couldn't connect to the Internet even if my Wireless USB can recognize network signal.

How can I fix this issue ?

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Hi friends,

Due to feature and updates provided in Windows XP, I planned to upgrade to it. Before upgrading, I was using Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME) as my operating system.

I did a backup of my important files, but now after upgrading my PC to Windows XP, I am unable to restore those files on new operating system.

Whenever I try to restore that backup, I got the following error.

backup file error

Unrecognized Media

The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used.

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Thanks for your technical assistance. I got this error message “Error loading C:WINDOWSSystem32NvCpl.dll” every time I started my PC. This kind of error usually happened at the end of the booting process. My uncle who has a background on computer troubleshooting, cleaned and repaired the operating system through the Tune Up Registry Cleaner but the similar message error had been displaying.

A day before this problem occurred, I had upgraded the RAM or the internal memory my PC from 128 MB to 256 MB. Was the upgrade of the RAM the main cause of the problem? How can I fix it? The operating system that is installed in my PC is Windows ME.

Any solution would be appreciated. Thanks.

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