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Windows 2003

Windows 2003

Good day!

Anyone who can help me please in this concern?

I turned on my PC yesterday and I was surprised with this error code that appeared on my computer monitor’s screen “Warning: Windows has detected a registry/configuration error. Choose Safe Mode to start Windows. ”

I followed the command prompt instruction and choose Safe Mode but only the black blank screen had appeared and nothing had happened afterwards.

I kept on restarting my PC by pressing the power button but the error had been repeatedly occurring again and again.

Please help me on how I can fix this problem.

Anyway, is pressing the power button of the computer when it hangs-up or not responding advisable?

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I'm an entrepreneur and have a small business. I am planning to put up a commercial building with 2 story building. 2 rooms in each floor so 4 rooms all in all. I will put each room a personal computer at least 2 units. And i am using the 3 computers with Windows XP for the OS and Windows Server for 2003 for the 1 computer which I will be using.

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I have a desktop Computer which already has a 2GB DDR-2 RAM.
But when I want to play games I face some memory problem as recent games are very luxurious. So to play those games properly I need to install some more RAM for my computer. Or Buy a Graphics card but in recent time DDR-3 RAM is much cheaper than DDR-2 RAM or a good graphics card.
So I want to install a DDR-3 RAM to my PC. Now the question is can I Use DDR-3 RAM with my DDR-2 RAM as my motherboard is Intel DG41? I Hope it supports DDR-3 RAM. Am I right?? So I like to know that can I use them together??
Anyone has any idea please let me know.
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Dear All,

I've a small business center which has recently formed. My all IT system  based on Windows server. I'm thinking to configure an IP for windows 2003 server. I don't no how to do it. Is there any one who can guide me to set it up? Thanks.


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I downloaded a video file and it has an extension as .mkv. What is MKV? How can I open them? Any help is of great use to me.

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Hi Experts,

This is my 2nd question here and the first was an awesome solution. So trying to put across my issues to you guys.

I have a file server that's windows 2003 and it’s an old box with 100's of shares in them many are for team users where multiple users access the single share. Now as i have 100's of them it becomes very difficult for users to browse through them to find the folder they need.

Is there any free software that i can install on the server and be able to achieve a specific solution?

  • Users should see just the exact folders were they have permissions on.

Thanks in advance


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