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Web/Cloud Computing

Web/Cloud Computing

Assume, six devices arranged in a mesh topology. How many cables are needed ? How many ports are needed for each device?

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AppFarm offers best-of-breed cloud computing solutions to the enterprise market with a rich online platform where users can securely log on to use a whole host of helpful applications. How can this applications help in terms of reliable businesses minus the costly investments?

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Where can we find the article on security in Cloud Computing?

From the Beginning to till now what are the security concerns in CC?

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Hi All,

Hybrid cloud, what's this  related to Cloud Computing?

I am confused with the general cloud and this hybrid cloud.

If any light  thrown would be great.

Thanks all.

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Cloud computing is getting popular, so I want to try it. However, when I looked on the internet I read this: "Inserting data and applications into a cloud seems very easy, but it's like you’re doing just that literally.

It seems like you’re blindly loading information into a puff of smoke."

Also, just like with loading information into a puff of smoke, security is an issue as well.

Because of the easy access to cloud information, any data of even remotely sensitive nature, would be at risk if put onto a cloud." Is that true?

If someone has experience with cloud computing here, please give me some tips before I pay for something expensive.


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Hello everyone,

Can anyone help ?

I can say I am very upset with Miranda in the last few weeks. The problem commences, whenever I launch Miranda. The ICQ protocol just backfires ; it keeps connecting forever and sometimes it does not connect at all.

I have tried to research and this is all I have got.

– Give it “offline “status manually

-Wait for the error the error message to appear

-Click on the online status once it is connected.

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I want to build a secured Website. One of my friend suggested that I build a website, using three tire web architecture.

But I want to know the benefits of using a three tire web architecture.

Please help me.

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Does anyone here know how to create an Express eBook creation? I really need it on my programming class. Please help me with this problem of mine. Thank you so much.

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