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I am nikolassaha,

I have a laptop computer & i use windows 7 operating. It's very good operating but their have a problem of web cam. I can't open my web cam from windows 7. Their have no option for web cam as like windows XP. So i can't use my web cam. It's very painful for me i have a webcam in my laptop but i can't use it .I can't solve this problem but it's very essential for me. So i want to know "how can i use webcam in windows 7 from my computer.

Please give me a solution about this problem.



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How to fix a web cam?

I bought 2 web cams, 1 A4 tech and 1 Logitech. I installed the 2 web cams to my computers and then test it. When I'm testing it, I noticed that the Logitech cam has blur images while the A4 tech cam has high brightness to the images. But the Logitech cam is clear in daylight and the A4 tech cam has dim light in the night.

I try to check the user manual of the 2 cams but nothing helps me. What will I do if want to use one of my cams for chatting if that's the problem? 

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