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Hi Guys,

I am Julie Payton and in my line of work, I was just recently encouraged to do work from home every Monday. Well, it is an advantage for me as I usually feel lazy getting up every Monday, I don’t know why. Anyway, enough with my introduction and let me tell you my issue. It is my first time for me to do work from home, but I am encountering an error 800 with my VPN.

It says that I am unable to establish the VPN connection. First of all, I am using a Windows XP Professional Machine. I am sure that my server name is correct. And, of course, I do have a good internet connection. Since I am not a technical person, I do not know what else to check other than those I have mentioned. I will appreciate it if someone can help me with this concern.

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My VPN server is rejecting client connections.

I have double checked my VPN settings, and I can't figure out why it denied the connections.

This works for 4 days then suddenly connections died for some reason.

I tried rebooting the main router that handles the VPN connection, but it didn't help. 

This really a critical problem for me because a lot of people at work will be affected by this.

We have been trying to fix this matter for a week now.

I have been trying to Google it and can't find anything that works for me.

Your solutions would be most appreciated. 

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I have to use VPN for different times to do my Internet marketing job.

So I use HMA!Pro VPN 2.6.6 for 11.52 USD per month. Previously I used a modem which connection was very slow. But i could connect to VPN on this modem. Now I have bought a new Wimax modem for getting high speed connection.

I feel happy to browse in the Internet by this High speed connection now.
Problem is there I can not connect  VPN  to this modem. When I open VPN and click to the connect button it remain stopped.
But It is urgent to change my IP address.

Can anyone say me why it does not work.

Also how can I change my IP without spend money?

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Hi all,

I have my laptop with Windows 7 and connected to my office system which is Vista Business. Every time i connect, i get this box.


An unhandled exception occurred. Please check your settings.

Parameter is not valid.

See the error log of the application or the application event log of the client for additional information.


Not sure, why i have different windows opened on vista and not able to identify which window or software shows out this message.

Any help would be wonderful.



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I have a wireless LAN and I am afraid of MITM attack, can someone give me guidance to what should be done to defend MITM attack ? I sometimes feel that there is some attacked in my LAN network and I get absurd messages or sometimes I get continues spam messages which is more than 500. please help

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What is a VPN and are there any suggestions you can give to select the best.

I am looking for a solution to connect from home for my employees.

We have 30 employees and 20 of them need to connect.

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