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Virus & Spyware

Virus & Spyware

I am having a hard time browsing my computer due to security shield which would appear every time I click on any files. How to remove security shield? 

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Dear Experts,

I am currently using the Windows Server 2003 and the Antivirus installed is Symantec. I want to protect this system from threats and want to just enable the browsing from the proxy server. Anyway how do I make it secure for just browsing?

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I am currently using Avira Antivirus but I am not satisfied with its performance.

Which Antivirus should I use?

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Can any one help me?

There is a problem with my laptop, no hardware problem but it's still stuck. I am in a big problem.
Can any one tell me if you are familiar with the same problem?
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Hi Guys,

Please help me and give me some advise on how to protect my laptop from virus.

 And what exactly are computer viruses so that I am aware.  

Hope to hear from you guys.



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My AVG detected Trojan. Byte and verified infection in the Java cache directory and advise me to perform an update to remove it. However I don’t have Internet access. I am afraid to continue using the computer because it might cause further infection. Please help!

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I want to repair the Norton which is installed in my system, but I cannot remove it from the control panel. What can I do? Please help me!

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I have a serious problem. I want to remove bloodhound w32 from my PC.

It gives me more problem to remove this.

Can someone help me?

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I want to ask the Techyv users that why there is so much Spyware, Malware, Adware and Trojan viruses effecting the computer even though we just click an image or a particular add on any website.

These problems were not there some 5-6 years ago but now it has increased to a huge limit. When we click on any image on the Google image search or inside any blog or go to any website, our computers get affected by viruses.

Can you please tell me the reason and also the perfect cure for this problem?

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Hi, umm I've been using AVG free edition for a long time now, but I think I'll switch to something else. I have two choices, Kaspersky and panda cloud antivirus. Which one I should go for? Any idea guys?

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