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Video Cards

Video Cards


Every time when i start up my computer ,I get a quick flash with an error message. The error message is as follows:

"Catalyst Control Center Monitor not responding"

I am not sure if this is the exact message, since i mentioned earlier that the message quickly flashes. I did some research and found out that this message is related to the ATI graphics card installed on my computer. I just do not know what the relationship is and how i stop this message from popping up at start up. It is quite irritating and i would like to have it resolved as soon as possible. The graphics card on my machine is an ATI Radeon HD 4200 integrated graphics card. Please solve. Thanks!

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How can I fix a computer when its lag?

Last night, I played online game while I'm playing I noticed that the was slow moving every time I moved the mouse and sometimes paused for a minute and then after a minute it will moved again. I cannot played well so what I did was I reboot my computer and wait for it to finished rebooting.

When its already I immediately open my game to played again. I thought it was okay already but while playing with it for about 30 minutes it suddenly paused again. I decided to turned it off. How can I fix my computer when its lag?

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To enjoy high quality graphics especially the heavy graphics video games I have recently replace my onboard video card with Nvidia 8800 GTS. My motherboard model is Intel Core 2 Due.

But after one week of good performance it is disturbing too much and I am getting the display problem. I have tried it on different slot but getting the same outcome.

But on other PC it is not showing any sign of the problem.

My PC is working pretty well after removing the video card.

Do I have a faulty motherboard?

What do you think is the main problem that doesn’t came to my mind?

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I had a very great time playing my favorite games on my PC when this error code stopped me “Unable to initialize DirectX drivers. It is most probably caused by a video or DirectX drivers which are outdated or not installed properly or insufficient video card capabilities.

Please note that the game requires #D-accelerated video card with 8 MB or more video RAM and properly installed video drivers (most recent version) and DirectX 8.0 or higher to launch. ” My Lenovo G460 laptop has NVIDIA GeForce 310M 512 MB graphics, 500 GB HDD Storage, 4 GB DDR3 memory and Core i5-520m processor.

Is there a problem with my computer specifications? Or is it the application drivers that caused the problem? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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I need to know how to use two monitor at a time. Is it really possible? Is I need to use an external graphics card to do it? Want to know all detail about it. Is there any suitable software to manage two desktop at a time? If there any please provide me the download link of that software.

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In my laptop there is a built in Graphic adapter  which from ATI Radeon 9600 series.

This picture shows the properties of the driver. As My laptop is Much older now so i need some update for my Video drive.

I need assistance to find the correct driver for my laptops Graphics driver. please give me some reference where i can find those drivers.

Can you tell me how much help can those new driver do for my Laptop?? I am now using Windows XP so i needs drivers that supports Windows XP not any Operating system. And also my current system is 32-bit so i think some thing that supports 32-bit will be helpful for me.

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My power color is running hot on idle, it's currently reading 72c, and all I am doing is browsing the web. I am not sure how it was before but I was viewing the ati overdrive panel and saw the temp and worried. Is this normal? I don't seem to have any problems playing games like (crysis, black ops) it just seems to hot for me.

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