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I used T-Mobile myTouch 4G by HTC with Gingerbread OS. I got this error when using the Mail App. I can access my mails but I could not open any attachments. I am under charter.net when I received this error. When clicking on Force close, the Mail App will close. Can someone help?


Mail has stopped unexpectedly.

Please tell HTC about this problem.

To help HTC improve Mail, select "Tell HTC" to send an error to HTC.

Force close     Tell HTC

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Our newest technology is made of touch screens which allow us to interrelate with computers or any hand-held devices by touching on the screen. Sometimes there is a delay reaction when we swipe our fingers to the screen. I want to know which way is better to swipe our fingers, is it horizontally or vertically? Please state your answer according to your studies or experiences. Thank you.

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My mobile (LG KP 500) touch screen is not working as it must be. When I touch on a spot of the mobile screen but the touch result appears on the upper right side (upper side about inches and right side about an inch) and wrong application opens




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I'm using Tab PC – 8" mid tab pc with Android 2.1 OS Built in Wi-Fi, 3G.

Rockchip2818 Processor, Integrated Graphics Card, multi-point pure touch screen, Love Phoenix Brand, 8" high-definition LED screen, Rockchip Processor Brand, 256MB Memory Capacity, 700MHz Frequency, 800*400 Resolution. Recently I am facing touch screen problem. When I touch any file or folder it not work. I need to touch 3 – 4 time.

Can you please tell me what happen here & how can I solve it?

I check my all setting everything is okay then why I facing this problem?



Thank You

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I have a touch screen monitor. But I do not know the screen how use so I want to learn about the using touch screen monitor. If anyone can do it please help me to solve this problem.


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Hey guys,

I'd like to report that Google SketchUp & Autodesk Sketchbook run pretty awesome on my A9. I'm an Architecture major so quick rendering is pretty important on the spot, and it works great! I would not dare install anything more serious like Revit or Photoshop, I will install Gimp though.
Only problem is the screen picks up my hand when I rest it on the screen. I ordered a SmudgeGlove made from nylon and latex but I'm not sure it'll help.
Does anyone know any material that the screen wont pick up when I rest my hand on it?


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Three days ago until now I’m having a problem with the Samsung Impression touch screen, the last scenario was I dropped it from my hand to the floor when I was fall asleep, but the floor was not that too hard (carpet). I just saw it in the floor after having bad dreams, so I picked it up and it’s already turned off.

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I am using a laptop and my touchpad is not working. This is a loaner laptop and I'm not sure if this worked before. Can anyone help?


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