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Our newest technology is made of touch screens which allow us to interrelate with computers or any hand-held devices by touching on the screen. Sometimes there is a delay reaction when we swipe our fingers to the screen. I want to know which way is better to swipe our fingers, is it horizontally or vertically? Please state your answer according to your studies or experiences. Thank you.

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My mobile (LG KP 500) touch screen is not working as it must be. When I touch on a spot of the mobile screen but the touch result appears on the upper right side (upper side about inches and right side about an inch) and wrong application opens




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I'm using Tab PC – 8" mid tab pc with Android 2.1 OS Built in Wi-Fi, 3G.

Rockchip2818 Processor, Integrated Graphics Card, multi-point pure touch screen, Love Phoenix Brand, 8" high-definition LED screen, Rockchip Processor Brand, 256MB Memory Capacity, 700MHz Frequency, 800*400 Resolution. Recently I am facing touch screen problem. When I touch any file or folder it not work. I need to touch 3 – 4 time.

Can you please tell me what happen here & how can I solve it?

I check my all setting everything is okay then why I facing this problem?



Thank You

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I have a touch screen monitor. But I do not know the screen how use so I want to learn about the using touch screen monitor. If anyone can do it please help me to solve this problem.


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Hey guys,

I'd like to report that Google SketchUp & Autodesk Sketchbook run pretty awesome on my A9. I'm an Architecture major so quick rendering is pretty important on the spot, and it works great! I would not dare install anything more serious like Revit or Photoshop, I will install Gimp though.
Only problem is the screen picks up my hand when I rest it on the screen. I ordered a SmudgeGlove made from nylon and latex but I'm not sure it'll help.
Does anyone know any material that the screen wont pick up when I rest my hand on it?


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Three days ago until now I’m having a problem with the Samsung Impression touch screen, the last scenario was I dropped it from my hand to the floor when I was fall asleep, but the floor was not that too hard (carpet). I just saw it in the floor after having bad dreams, so I picked it up and it’s already turned off.

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I am using a laptop and my touchpad is not working. This is a loaner laptop and I'm not sure if this worked before. Can anyone help?


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