System Utilities

System Utilities

Is overclocking a laptop safe? If so does it really increase the speed of your computer? Does anyone here know a tutorial or step by step guide to follow.

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I have saved all the videos and images from my canon digital camera to my pc. But now I want to write the videos and images to the cd. So, please tell me the step by step process to create a project of my all videos and images onto a cd.

Please help me and I'll be thankful to you for your kind help. Eagerly waiting for your help.

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My computer was infected by a Trojan virus which damaged my explorer. I'm trying to restore my previous settings with the use of my Windows Vista SP2's built-in System Restore. But every time I run it, it gives me the same error message:

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Hi All,

What is ERP software? I know its a lame question but just thought will ask you experts. Thank you.

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Hi! My computer has an AMD M3A78 PRO motherboard and every time I go to the BIOS settings, I always get an error message saying that the system experienced a boot failure due to overclocking or voltage change. However, when I load Windows, I don’t experience any problem and all programs run smoothly. Is this something that I need to fix or do I just let it slide? If yes, how do I fix the BIOS error that I’m getting?

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I have many software that are not registered but I want to use for long time.

But when the trial period is expired, then these software are not working until I reinstall windows.

I want to use them in same windows.

Any one can get me out of this problem.

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I am not a professional and I need some guidance on the use of combofix application. I asked my friends they say that this software should be operated under the guidance of a professional as it can damage the system. Please help my computer is running slow and there are also many registry errors which are not getting corrected.


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