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SuSE Linux

SuSE Linux

Suse Linux is the Operating System of our server.

We install our system there and make a folder named "user" where we can save our important files. But we have this common problem, this happen two to three times a week.

The user folder have a lock symbol on it and we can no longer save any file to that folder. Access denied is the message.

We then need to restart our server.

Is Suse is reliable as OS for our server?

What's wrong with our user folder?

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Everything seems to be working on my suse linux, but when I try to watch a movie it gives me an error. I tried to install codec for video files but no luck. Video file of movie is avi and it should be shown without a problem.

An error occurred

The playback of this movie requires a FILE protocol source plugin which is not installed.

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I have been having issues with Virtual Box on my Linux Suse 11.0 Kernel 2.6.25.

I was not able to install it on this platform for a few days , but with a little troubleshooting on my own I was able to install it successfully.

But now I am not able to run as the user that I am logged in as.

I try to log in as the root user and then tried to run, but it comes up with an error telling that I am not the root user.

I have full rights but not sure why it keeps coming back with this error message.

Effective UID in not root (euid=514 egid=20 uid=514 gid=20) (rc=10) Please try reinstalling VirtualBox.


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