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I am a new laptop user. I use the laptop to watch movies and gaming but since a few days my laptop monitor is giving me trouble. It shows a dark, zigzag picture. When I move the lid back and forth it seems to work fine but after some time, it goes back to the initial state. Is there any software(graphic) problem or it's a hardware problem? Can I fix it at home?

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I just got this Sony Vegas Pro 9 last month, at first it all works fine, but it's working very slow.

One of my issues is when I closed the app normally with projects on it, everything will stop working, and the loading will stop at a specific percentage.

I tried to leave it for a while just to try if it works leaving it for a loading, but it actually didn't work. So I had to force shutdown the machine.

Also in rendering a video from veg. to .avi, it will stop in a percentage of rendering and everything froze, even in rendering it into a lower quality.

But one thing that puzzles me is that there is a time that it will work and sometimes it doesn't work?

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I am using a 1 MHZ machine with window XP, i tried to download "Download Accelerator Plus"

It started downloading successfully but after downloading 50% the process suddenly stopped with a dialog box that is  "couldn't initialize the initiation , parameter incomplete". please can you help me why it is occurring with my computer as many of my friends using the same machine  the same window but installation working on that but not on my computer.

Guide me how can i install download accelerator plus successfully???????

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I have a HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop.

It was worked fine. But before someday it's OS was crashed. Then I trying installed Windows XP professional and I was successfully install it on my laptop.

Driver Installation Failed Could not find the MEDIA device or this driver.

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So disappointed. I just bought a desktop and I am trying to install Windows 7 Professional. I followed the instructions to download it and was successful in completing the installation. However, after the installation process was completed the computer restarted and just when I thought that am ready to use the computer, an error message appeared.

It stated that Windows installation cannot proceed and to install, click ok to restart the computer and then proceed to reinstall the application. Here is where the problem comes, each time I click ok it repeats the same error message – that I would need again to restart the computer and reinstall the application.

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I am a learner in the software development sector, wanting to learn C# language. For this purpose, I use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 software. Now I am starting a LINQ project. In this very project I need to create a dbml file. But I cannot find instructions on how to create it. I need a step by step instructions to create a dbml file and connect with my desired database. I use Microsoft SQL server 2005 edition for database server. Please help me to solve this problem.

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I used nimbuzz to stay online in all my IM services at same time. Mainly i want to online with FaceBook. it was done. all are work correctly. But there is a big problem. when after i signed out, also show me as the online my friends.

But really i am not online. it is a big problem to me. because friends trying to chat with me. when i meet them they question me why are you not reply to us. but i told i am not really online.

They didn't believe me. i am in a big trouble now. i don't no how to solve it. every time show me as online. how can i solve this problem?

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Hi experts,

I'm running VMware 7 on a Windows 7 64-bit host and trying to get an XP Pro SP3 VM to connect to my network. I have no success with either Bridged or NAT.

VMware NAT Service is running on the host. Assigning a static IP to the VM from my router does not help. Disabling Windows Firewall on the host and guest does not help. VMware Bridging is enabled on my host's Ethernet adapter. Antivirus monitoring is disabled on the XP guest.

This all worked just fine when I used Vista x64 and VMware 6.5. By the way, I have created a brand new VM with the W7/VMW7 combination and it acts just the same way. My Windows 98 VM works with NAT. Been at this for hours on end and no threads I've read have helped.

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Is overclocking a laptop safe? If so does it really increase the speed of your computer? Does anyone here know a tutorial or step by step guide to follow.

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I have been working online for 1-2 years as a freelancer. I have come across some jobs that either need PDF files to be edited or data collected from them. I having difficulty collecting data from PDF files because one can't edit them or cut and paste data.  So, it's become a very time consuming job.  What I could have done in 30 minutes takes more than 60 minutes, so its very important  that I find some tool to edit PDF files.

Can anybody help quickly?

Some advice or some reference to any software that I can use to convert or edit PDF files will really help.

A detailed description will be welcomed.


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