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Saturday, July 25, 2020 03:36 AM


Hello to all member of techyv.com,

I am a new user of this site. It is very help full site. Always it's help us by problem solving. Now I want to say my personal problem. Please anybody help me. Online earning is my profession. For this reason I have to use many messenger like Skype, yahoo messenger, Gtalk messenger, Facebook chat, meebo etc. But recently I have bought a notebook (second hand). That's all are ok. But when I want to use Skype, I can't hear anything, why this problem or how can I remove this problem, please help me anybody.

N. B: I install Skype latest version & Notebook of HP.

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It has been  3 days and yet cant see my message at my group. I used to worked as marketer and been using my skype for the job.

they cant see my messages and cant see my online status.

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Problems with my Skype please help. Cant see messages from room and cant even send messages. I'm getting frustrated now its been two days now and cant use my Skype and I need to work for my job.

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Hi everyone there,

As I mentioned recently I didn't able to sign in Skype. I've tried to sign in Skype frequently but couldn't be succeeded. I've checked connectivity and others related things that may create problem. Who will help me to solve this problem?

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