I am having the following error.

Scanner error

Scan Gear

Cannot communicate with scanner

Cable may be disconnected, or scanner may be turned off.

Check status.

Scanner driver will be closed.

This error appears when I try to scan my documents on my MP600 all in one printer. This error starts appearing after a sudden power failure while scanning. After the power restore, everything is okay for the printing function except scanning.

When I do copy thing in the scanner, it works fine. But when I start scanning from the computer, I got the above mentioned error.

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I have a Visioneer Flatbed scanner that comes with the software application Paper soft.

I got an updated version no. 11 of the same software from the internet. I installed it but that contains a virus or some malicious software. So my antivirus every time deletes some file from the installation folder. I even installed it ,but that was unable to function properly.

Then I decided to go back to the version provided in the scanner cd which is version 9. But every time I try to install it, following error appeared.

paperport error

Paper Port

Internal Error 2723.NewProductFound


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Can anyone help me please? I am helping a friend on this concern. My friend’s CanoScan3000Fscanner had this error message appeared on his computer’s monitor when he did some scanning jobs saying “Error in scanner.

Turn off scanner and follow instructions in manual. Scanner driver will be closed.(Code: 201).” The available option directed me to click the OK button.

When I clicked it, this second error message occurred “There is a TWAIN error. Maybe the device is not connected.”

I had checked the cables and everything was normally mounted into its proper ports. I had already uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it hereafter but the same error appeared. 

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Please help me on my Lexmark scanner driver problem. I decided to update my operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows XP for better performance and features. I lost my original driver of my scanner so I decided to download the driver. While downloading the driver, I got this error message.

16 bit Windows Subsystem

C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose "Close" to terminate the application.

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Any valuable and reliable suggestions and recommendations please! I was in the middle of my scanning job serving our customers when I heard a loud and an irritating noise from my HP PSC 750 model and this error was displayed in the screen “Scanner Failure: Power off and on again.”

I had bought this scanner one year ago. My friend told me to turn off my printer and unplug it for about 15 minutes to reset its memory into the default setting.

I did many times on what my friend had suggested but the same error occurred. What will I do to solve the concern since my home is very far from the nearest HP customer support location? Thanks.

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Performance of my Epson 1610 Scanner was fine until yesterday. I made no change in pc settings or scanner settings and running on XP. But suddenly I am facing a serious problem with it.  The problem is that the scanner is not delivering the full scanning image or even sometimes showing only a blank image. I have already tried with another pc and uninstall/reinstall the driver software but not getting any result. Warranty period of the scanner has also gone. Is there any repairing process available? Please share your experience with me to choose either repairing option or buying a new one. 

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Hi there folks,

I have an Epson Perfection 3490 Photo scanner. I am running Windows 7.

This scanner used to work beautifully until I removed some other software that I no longer wanted. Sadly I cannot remember what it was. Anyway since then the scanner refuses to work. I have tried reloading the software from the set-up disc and also I have visited the Epson site to get the latest drivers and set-up software, all to no avail. All the other bundled items will load from the set-up disc but not the scan facility.

Whatever I try I always get the following error:

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I have my own scanner. Scanners need to install a driver in computer. I also install the required driver. Few days back, I install my operating system again. This time I cannot install the driver because I lost my driver’s back up. I need to find out the driver. I tried locally but no one can find me one. I search over net but I can’t understand which perfect driver for my scanner is.

Is there any good way to know about the hardware to search?

Can anyone tell me?

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