Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions


I am not from a mathematical background. I want to know the formula to convert meters to feet and inches, but I am confused between the values.

Please help. Thanks!

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I want the formula of McLaurin series for cos(x). It is a field of my research, and I want to know and even I want to score good marks in the exams.


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Hey guys. I need a Google toolbar removal script code which I could use and push it out via Group policy to all computers in our school. I have done some research but unfortunately with no success. Just to clarify that I want the command to be doable to multiple machines. Any ideas?

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Is there any way to add a prefab functionality to Inno? I need one that can quickly add and remove various customization and where I can manually incorporate the desired customization into each script. By the way, I need it in version of Turkish for innosetup script. Thank you!

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I have a Custom Message Dialog Box that is working well. But I can’t get the message Box to be where I want. I want it to be at the left center but it has stuck in the center of my dual monitor, I have tried to place it where I want using the Code below
This is how I have entered the codes:
    Me. Left = (Screen (0).Available Width – Me. Width) * .065                    Me. Top = (Screen (0).Available Height – Me. Height) *
Is this the procedure or how am I supposed to do to get the Message Box where I want?  

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Hi everybody!

I am a PHP web developer. I get some troubles using regular expressions for the form validation. It submits the form without validating the it.

The form contains the following fields 1) Name, 2) Address, 3) City, 4) State, 5) Country, 6) Email_ID, 7) Contact No., 8) Order. In that fields, except Address, State remaining fields are mandatory. We have to  validate all these fields using JavaScript regular expressions. I cant find the error in the script I made. Please help me, I also attached the script  here and inserted the image of the form for your reference.

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I use a regular expression to validate the date.

But it does not work properly. See my code :

function checkdateformat(userinput){
var dateformat = /^d{1,2}(-|/|.)d{1,2}1d4}$/
return dateformat.test(userinput) //returns true or false depending on userinput

Is there any other regular expression available to check the date format.


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