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There’s a trouble with my printer at home. I have an Epson R240 printer and my little sister encountered a paper stuck issue before. I do not know how she fixed it, but after that, it was already printing fine. After like three days or a week later, the problem is once again back. It is saying Paper jammed when in fact, it is not. I do not know how to remove that error message. Sometimes, it bothers me. I can just ignore it since I can print okay, but I am getting tired of seeing the error message. Anything I can try to stop the error from popping up?

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Recently I need to reinstall fresh version of Windows XP operating system. But after installing new OS, I am having some problems with my Cannon LBP 1200 printer. Previously everything was fine and the printer was shared by multiple users. To install the printer driver, I just put the driver CD on to my CD-ROM and it was installed on to my pc without showing any error message. But after installing the printer driver I am experiencing the following problems:

1. The language showing on printer properties is not in English format.
2. Legal paper size is missing on the paper size list.
3. Printing job doesn’t start immediately after print command.
4. I am unable to share the printer on the network.

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I recently bought a printer Hp Deskjet 840c and i have not been able to install it successfully on my computer. I am running on Windows XP Pro. I keep on getting error messages every time i reboot the computer. There is a common annoying message that pops up every time i turn on the PC.

"Hp Deskjet 840c installer error. Unable to create Hpztbx04.exe shortcut, file not found. The RPC server is unavailable."

I bought new deskjet 840c series installation drivers and tried to install them. This is the error message i got,

“Unable to create Hpztbx04.exe shortcut, file not found"

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How to fix a printer?

I have a HP Deskjet F480 (All-in-one) printer. My sister decided to print some documents and I volunteer to do that because she didn't know how to operate the printer. After I checked and set the documents to be printed. I put the 10 sheets of bond paper to the paper tray of the printer and turn it on. I started to print the documents while printing, the paper starts to stack up. The printer show a message that it was "Paper jam" so I turned off the printer and start to think what I'm going to do it.

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My office few user use windows XP professional and few windows 7.

Most of them use Windows Server 2003. Because we are a software team.

Ok we have a network printer which we use always.

Our printer is canon LBP 3500 model.

Problem is that some user prints some personal documents. So we need to find out it.

We need to know when and who print what’s document in this printer, we want log file where this can automatically save, how can possible?

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I have a Konica Minolta 2300dl laser printer which is giving me a lot of problems. It is a colored printer, but it no longer prints in color. I have replaced the old cartridges with new ones, but still it doesn’t print in color. It prints pictures either in black or in light blue. In every paper i print, there is always some odd stains and misprints.

When a paragraph is to be printed, it will print characters twice on the same piece of paper. One line of text appears normally and there is another one, faded, that superimposes on the normal printed lines.

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While I was in a middle of printing 30 pages of documents, my printer suddenly stops printing and there is no error showing on the screen. This printer has a built in scanner and copier.

After clicking the print tab on Microsoft word 2007, I can see the printer icon in my system tray at the bottom of my desktop, if I click the icon, the printer box will open showing me the status of what I am printing, like if it's already printing or Canceled.

I waited for about one minute to make it work, but the icon stays in my system tray, and the status field is blank.

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I am currently encountering a printer problem right now.

I'm about to print copy of my files then suddenly my printer seems not working properly.

The model of my printer is Canon MP145.

As I've seen, there are two cartridge inside my printer, the colored and the black.

The colored just run out of ink, so before I print the copy of my files I set-up the printer to print it as black and white then the printer wasn't responding.

Nothing happens at all, does anyone here encountered this problem before?.

Help me please regarding this issue!!

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While searching for filling up printer cartridge at home i tried refilling my printer ink at home. Purchased ink and a injection to fill my cartridge. I watched some videos on how to fill the printer in on you tube. On you tube it was showing cartridge same as mine one i followed all the steps but when i put it into my printer its not working nothing is getting printed out. I filled my printer ink full till top and pull back some ink through bottom of the cartridge also.

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