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PC Laptops

PC Laptops

My computer is Hewlett-Packard with Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.

I used this computer for 5 years now. My problem is the F11 function key is not functioning.

F11 of HP computer Windows Vista is Restore Factory Setting's option.

I use this key whenever I restore all the programs to its default settings,and if the Antivirus is out of date especially if my Internet connection will cut off. 

When I press the F11 key action it will not work. No action has been done in short.

Can you guys help me where to find the option key to be able the F11 key will function?


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I scream out when I found out that the battery icon on the system tray is missing!

taskbar menu

Yesterday when I use my laptop that normally charge the battery. When I noticed that it’s been 3 hours using the laptop and needs to unplug the charger to get rid from overheat.

But before doing that i checked the status of the battery if it is already full charged because the battery of my laptop will consume 2 to 3 hours of charging.

But apparently the icon is not there! I explore the entire system on how to enable the icon, but sad to say I couldn’t find the options!

Please help i really need the icon back!

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I have a laptop that was bought few months ago. Included with it is a windows 7 starter installer as part of the package. Free installation of the OS is also a part of their service. After a few months my computer was devastated with viruses and starting to run so slow. I decided to install a fresh OS for my laptop. The problem is that the driver is not included on the package, I just don’t know if they just forget to include the driver or it was not part of the package.

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For three years that I've been using with my laptop computer the message above with S.M.A.R.T occurred few weeks from now.

As anyone does with their computers like internet surfing, software installations, upgrading drivers and booting are done as my system routine. Scanning the drivers and restoring the factory settings.

But I have noticed this message every time I turned on and start the computer before the Windows logo is loading. At first i took it for granted but lately i started to get worried.

What is S.M.A.R.T doing with my laptop? If this message-alert will not take for an action what happened to the computer?

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I have bought an Acer Aspire 4738Z recently. Every feature is working fine but experiencing a little yet annoying problem. I am using multiple USB devices and used to using the safely remove hardware icon in the taskbar to unplug any of the USB devices. But currently if I remove one of the devices then icon to remove hardware safely has disappeared magically.

I see no other options to remove the other devices. Now, how would I remove the remaining USB devices?

Can I just unplug the device, which could damage the device?

I don’t want to reboot every time to remove it.

Please give me a suggestion.

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I have been using Acer Aspire 1410 model laptop for the last one year, which is a gift from my elder brother. Accidentally, the adapter has been damaged at least two weeks ago and I tried to replace it with same model of the adapter but was unable to find it in the local laptop repairing shops.

At last I bought an adapter, which belongs to HP notebook. I bought it on the recommendation of the technician. He told me that the power supply system would still be the same, though it is not the same model. But after using for two weeks, I am feeling that my PC is working slowly. What do you think about this problem? 

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My dell laptop has been attacked by many kinds of computer viruses because of the different untrusted sites that my kids have visited. And so, I used anti-virus software to remove the viruses on my laptop. When I opened my laptop a day after, I was surprised with this error message that appeared on the screen “"Interactive logon process initialization has failed. Please consult the event log for more details.” I tried booting it many times and sometimes it directed me into Safe Mode, Safe Mode With Networking, and Normal Mode options.

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I bought a new wireless adapter two weeks ago. I followed the instructions and successfully installed the adapter. Everything worked fine until yesterday. It started giving error messages and now it won’t work. It gives out a steady red light all the time and the PC notifies me that the adapter is not connected, which is true. I have cleared the cache, tried it different USB port but the problem remains unsolved.

I concluded that the adapter was the problem and I bought a new one, Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO USB Network Adapter – F5D9050. I installed it as per the instructions. Everything seemed to be functioning normally until I tried to configure the connections.

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