Outlook Express

Outlook Express

I am using Microsoft Office 2007 in Windows XP.

Many times, I get the SMTP error message in Outlook Express when I tried to send emails. "0x800CCC6B USER NOT LOCAL – User mailbox is known but mailbox not on this server" top on the screen.

How can I fix this error message?

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When I try to send an email using Microsoft outlook I attached the files and tried to put receivers address.

While doing it the following message comes up suddenly prior to complete and send it.

  • Your POP3 server has not responded in 60 seconds. Would you like to wait another 60 seconds for the server to respond?”

The thing is I am not using the dial-up connection but the broadband connection.

My problem is why does this message come?

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I am currently having problems with my email. I am on vacation right now at my friend’s beach house. I am using Outlook Express and cannot send out messages right now.

I remember having this problem before it has something to do with the Port 25.

But I can’t remember what I did to the settings to resolve it.

Can someone help me out here?

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I upgraded from a previous version of Outlook to Outlook 2010.

Whenever I open an Outlook email I receive an error; if I click OK, the email opens but basically I know there is a problem with the underlying configuration.

Shortcut Error

Initializing MAPI session object failed.

I have tried to rename the underlying DLL on by going to D:WindowsSystem32, аnԁ renaming mapi32.dll, but then I don’t what to rename it. If you have any idea on how to correct this, please, help.

Thank you.

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Hey guys…

I am trying to get my problem resolved ASAP. I have been using Outlook Express for the longest time and never has it failed me until now. I can’t seem to send and receive messages for the last hour. I have been trying to figure things out on my own. I tried to log-in to my webmail account that I have configured for my Outlook Express, and surprisingly it works. I haven’t changed anything during the past few days. Haven’t made any changes in the system or network as well. We have 2 PC’s at home and both are hardwired and this is the only one with Outlook Express. Help please.

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My ISP has a free email account that I'm currently using. At home I usually open my emails through Outlook Express. But when I’m in the office or out of town traveling I use my webmail account. I go to our webmail website and then log in with my username and password. Everything has been ok these past few days, when I got back home from a quick vacation I can’t see my emails on my webmail account anymore. I can log in and send messages from it but I can’t receive the emails if I open them at Outlook Express first. I open 2 computers at the same time, one for Outlook Express and one for the webmail. I used to do this since one PC is upstairs, but now it’s not working. HELP!!

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Hi All,

I am really having a problem with an unknown individual. The mentioned individual keeps on sending me emails and now, I am really irritated. I have blocked him by adding him in the block sender’s list, but I do not understand why I can still see his name on my mails.

Glad if somebody can help.

Thank you.

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Dear all,

Recently, I switched over Windows 7 to Vista. In Windows 7 I was using Outlook 2003 and now in Vista I'm using Outlook 2007. Problem is I can receive mail but can't send. I setup my account properly.

I checked our server and put the same settings on many computer and it works normally.

What should I do. Is there any changes in account setting that I should change?



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I would like outlook to automatically fill in the email of the person i want to email, when I am inputting the email, it finishes and puts the email I want. Kindly help.

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