OS/2 Apps

OS/2 Apps

Hallo! While adventuring Fedora, I realize that there are a number of good things that they are putting in place to make it a super OS in the future. I wanted to know a few things about Fedora. Can you chat with Fedora 15? Can you install Fedora 15 on a computer running Windows OS? Thanks in advance for your information.

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Hallo! I have no idea what has happened to my computer. I have been trying to boot my computer but to no avail. This triggered some memory of a bootable CD that I can use to boot my PC and recover my data. Yes, it is called Mini PE! My biggest worry is that I have no idea have to get that CD and the procedure of working with it. Kindly guide me on how to go about it. Thanks!

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Hi to all. As powerterm pro enterprise is a good tool for multi host support across organizations and stand alone product for various hosts like UNIX, LINUX etc. But I am facing problem while installing this tool to my computer. I have window xp professional and whenever I try to install, it runs for a while and ends automatically with error “setup was unable to complete”.  I have read all instructions and requirements but still have a problem. Please tell me what is wrong with me. Any suggestion.

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Hello techyv.com!

I'am an anime artist, I used to draw both in papers, sometimes in the computer. But my applications weren't really that satisfying. Anyways, I like using Expression 4, but it kinda lack some templates that I need. May I ask where can I legally download templates for Expression 4?

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Guys! I am a crazy lover of Android Apps. I am now Samsung Galaxy S-III. Is there anyone who can help me to inform latest gadgets in market. Actually, I want to upgrade my device with colorful apps. Have a nice time.

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Good day! 

I had a friend that knows this app compatibility growl. And he has shared it to me. But I really don't know what's the use of this app. So can anyone tell me what this app all about and how will I use this?

Thank you for answering. 

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I am currently using an SJPhone or a softphone VOIP phone with Engine. I can connect and register without getting any issues. However, when I tried to make a call on a mobile phone or a land line number, I always get an error "Call Rejected: 400 Bad Request." I tried for few times now and even turn off and turn on the SJPhone repeatedly to no avail. What should I do to fix this?

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Hi all users,

I have downloaded the Adobe Reader 9 from internet, but now I want to download the rpm package for Adobe Reader. What all packages and plugins are to be installed in system or Adobe Reader so that adobe reader x rpm package would work completely and successfully. Can anyone help me out in finding the plugins or packages for adobe reader x rpm.

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I installed the trial version of Acronis disk detector version 10 and together with it the Acronis operating system selector was installed. I uninstalled the operating system selector. I was asked to reboot my machine but after reboot my laptop is not working properly.  Everything looks unclear.

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Good day! It is my first time to play on a Phillips G7000 emulator console. Can someone help me know the basics of using this kind of Videopac computer? Thank you!

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