Networking Hardware

Networking Hardware

I have a Samsung mobile phone and its model is SGH-E490.  I set my GPRS but it does not work. No message is shown. No sign about GPRS connection.

Now tell me how can I use my phone as modem. Oh! My dear I also forget to tell you that I had also installed Samsung PC suit.

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I just modified my blackberry to a new custom firmware I found on the internet. After installing the update I connected it to my computer and to my surprise ,the computer cannot communicate with my device.

It says The computer cannot communicate with the device. To communicate with the device, you need to configure the “RIM Network Device” interface. Open the Network Preferences, and you will be prompted to configure the new network interface. When finished, apply your changes, and reconnect your device.

Anyone familiar with this one because I believe it is in the manual that I have lost ?

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Hi! experts,

I am an owner of Nokia 6100 phone, whose firmware version is 5.5, npl-2 Nokia. I am not able to connect my mobile to my server on which I installed redhat Linux 7.0 using Nokia dku-5 cable. My operating system is detecting cable. If I am setting up values of parameters to dku-5, its giving me unsupported connection dku-5. For other cables the software is unable to detect my mobile. I tried gnokii version 0.5 & 0.6, but its not getting connected. I have tried this connection in windows XP which is working fine with my cable. Is there any idea why my server is not detecting this cable for gnokii?. Waiting for reply!

Thank you.

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