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Network Security

Network Security

I'm working in an AD firm and using CISCO switch for our network. Recently we have purchased Cisco 2960 series switch. I’ve tried myself to assign static IP on switch but failed. For your information we are using Mac address. Is there anyone to instruct me, how can I assign IP address in Cisco switch?



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Do you support the existence of laws governing electronic publishing? Do you support the rationing and restriction of activity, electronic publishing and blogging on the Internet? Do you think that there is an urgent need to actually monitor the work sites and review the content?

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Can anyone please tell me why Firewalls are important? I use router with WPA security and I think that this much security is enough for my computers and laptops, which get connected to the internet from these routers. Guys please comment, because I am thinking of installing a Firewall.

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I have a serious problem. I am using Windows 98 and I want to know whether my port is open or closed, because I want to see my control panel with the use of a website, having online services and for that I need ports 8087 and 8088 open. I have one more computer, which runs MAC but there I can access the control panel and both the computers are connected with a wireless router.

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