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MySQL Server

MySQL Server

Hi everybody,

I need some help. I want to develop a web application that uses MySQL database in the backend. I developed the database. I have created the table name person_info that stores detailed information about different person’s information. Now I want to use it to store uploaded image in a column for a record.

So I searched for a different slob and encryption related information on forums but I didn’t get that. I also need some help related to uploading a file to server. Because of that, I am using a form to submit all my information but can catch the image in the server. So I need some help for uploading image and how to store that image in the server? Thanks in advance.

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I'm a software developer who develops both desktop applications and web applications. My preferable database when developing desktop applications would be MS SQL Server. Sometimes I use Sybase SQL Anywhere and MS Access Database.

Recently I heard that MySQL can be used for desktop applications. I only use MySQL for web applications but if it's true that MySQL can be used in desktop environment as well that would be great I can connect both web and desktop applications to MySQL and interact with each other.

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I have installed MAMP yesterday, and had it working great. Was very impressed. Then today I got to start working on a new template and I got the Error Message: 

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How to group data by month when using a date time column in MySQL? I want to produce a report, to group the results by month. The table has a column for which the data type is DateTime. How to use it, to get the results by month?

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I have a Database at my store. Unfortunately, I want to add new column to one of my tables. What I am thinking is to use the command DELETE TABLE and replace it with a new one but I want to save time editing and filling again the data.

Is there a way to just insert a new column which could not affect or change my stored data? Please help. Here is the data in my table. 

Receipt_code | Month | Account_No | Amount | Date
I want to insert Payment_Code here. Can you suggest easier way?
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I am loading up a Linux server from scratch. I have downloaded the latest stable release of MySQL.

When installing MySQL Server, by default, I noticed that the MySQL installation on Linux places the location at /var/lib/ folder.

I do not want to use the /var/lib folder. I have a separate partition that I wish to use for MySQL data files.

Is there a way to change the default data file location?

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Please help me,

I cant open SQLYOG. I'm clueless as to how can I open this DBMS software.

(Separate multiple databases with a semicolon ';'. Leaving Database(s) blank will display all databases)


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