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MS Powerpoint

MS Powerpoint

Dear All,

I will be needing help as soon as possible. My boss created a presentation on his laptop.

This is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that was made from Microsoft 2003.

As my boss will be on the compliance leave, he wants me to go to the presentation and practice as I will be the one presenting it in his absence.

Too bad the presentation cannot be move after my boss arrives. It was just fine with me.

So I have extracted the presentation in our shared drive.

But then I am having an issue viewing it. It says that I am attempting to open a file type that is blocked by my registry policy setting.

I badly need help.

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I have made a presentation for my school project showcase and as I have a team , I mailed them the presentation. But they said that the whole presentation is ok but the sound files are not playing. As we decided earlier that we will add sound they were upset. But I was shocked !!! Because I personally added sounds in that presentation?

I checked by myself and they were right.  It plays fine in my PC only. How can solve this problem ?

Please help.

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I am presenting some artwork and animation techniques, tomorrow at my school. I have them as .swf and my presentation slides as .ppt.

I have a plan of showing individual movies, (3 actually) in the middle of the presentation of different points. 

Just wanted to know whether it is possible to add the flash movies inside my presents. Please tell me how if it is possible.

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I am trying to add some buttons to my PowerPoint presentation. These buttons will not just, step forward or backward during the slide show, but also jump to certain slides when clicked.

How do I do this? Is it possible in Microsoft Office 2007?

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I recently downloaded a PowerPoint show file from the internet. I want to edit the contents and make my own PowerPoint. How do I do this? When I double click it the PowerPoint show runs without opening it inside Microsoft PowerPoint.

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I created a presentation in PowerPoint. When I loaded it up in the presentation machine, the fonts on certain slides are substituted with different fonts!

Basically the slides are a mess when put on the presentation machine but looks fine in my own machine. How can I get both to look the same?

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