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MS Hardware

MS Hardware

I own a DELL L attitude D620 laptop which i purchased about 1 year ago, the warranty has expired. It has been working fine, but one day after booting, i got this message, “The AC power adapter cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a HP AC adapter for best system performance”.

I tried twisting the cable a little bit and it could transmit charge for a second or two and then go off. Sometimes it seems to be working but immediately i switch off the socket the computer shuts down immediately, signifying the battery never acquired any charge. I have a second thought of trying to fix it myself because i may cause more damage. I need to fix the charger without purchasing a new one.

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Hello everyone! I have a really big problem in my PC. It seems that the screen on the monitor suddenly turns off, without shutting down the PC. I've noticed that it turns off every time, I open applications such as, Warcraft or other games.

I have had professional help with it for a couple of times, but it doesn't take long for the problem to come back again. Some people I have consulted said, that the video card of the PC maybe damaged, while others say the monitor itself is damaged. Does anyone know what this problem really is and how can I fix it?

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A serious problem is eating me up. I did some memory stick upgrade on my PC just today. After that when I boot the computer, it starts for some few seconds then crashes into a BLUE SCREEN. This happens repeatedly after ever boot attempt and is scaring me off. Below are a couple of files that can help in describing the problem.

C:Windowsminidump32311-25802-01. dmp
C:Usersbuddyappdatalocaltempwer -53991-0. sysdata.xml

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I have tried everything so far, and nothing helps.

I have installed the IntelliPoint 6.2, but it doesn't work. My Sony Vaio Vista recognizes the devices, but I can’t move it or use it at all. When I go to its properties and click on Buttons the following message appears:

Some mouse settings might not work until you connect a Microsoft mouse to a USB port on your computer or set up a Microsoft mouse that uses Bluetooth technology.

I already tried to configure a Bluetooth device on a Windows-based computer.And my computer recognizes this mouse, and tells me that the recognition was successfully completed, but immediately afterwards a window pops up saying:

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My Elite MoBO has a complex multichannel audio output capability which is beyond my comprehension (or interest). I bought a PCI sound card to replace it and this works fine for my purposes–streaming radio, system sounds and the like.

However, it is a rickety thing–very often minor activity causes loss of access and a check in Sounds and Audio will show no audio device detected. I then uninstall the driver for the PCI card, shut down and reboot and the sound is back until the next problem (which has been as simple as changing the volume control on my speakers.)

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I just had this problem with my HP Digital Camera CB350, I used to use this before without the software and read/transfer files using the USB cord through to the PC. But now it's so weird because Kaspersky detects it and scan but when I navigate the drive in the "Computer" I don't see any removable drive.

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While working on my laptop the screen suddenly turned blue with the error "Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." I just took this for granted then turned on my laptop again then continue to worked as if nothing happened. But when i experienced the problem again this time i was not able to save lots of my works. How can i prevent this to happen again?

I am using windows 7 on a 32-bit operating system.

I had tried to resolve my problem on my own but same thing happens though i already did the following:

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My computer is directly to my modem as write this question. As you can see, I can go online. The problem is I can't go online if I connect my router to the modem, even if I wire my computer directly to the router.

My modem came from Comcast. My router is a WRT54G v6.

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Hi Experts,

I have a 17" monitor that's 5 years old and have been facing different issues. Some times there is no display and some times there is a lot of lines which effects me from working.

It display looks like shuttling up and down which happens when there is low power.

I have checked these.

1. Power supply watts is fine

2. Earthing is fine

Thanks in advance for the help

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