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MS Access

MS Access

Miscrosoft Access and SQL databases seem to be very good back-end database for Visual Basic 6 users. What would be the best option if you will be running them into a network handling huge customer databases?

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Just a simple question about migration of Microsoft Access database to Oracle database.

What software do I need to install on the same system as a Migration Workbench?

And where can I download that software and which version(if any) is better to use.


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I need to create access database for my company for managing my inventories in my stockroom.

I need it to have 5 categories and in each one of them I want it to have a couple of items.

I tried with a template, but when I entered different items in each category it showed me the total amount of items in the entire category, but i want it to show me the count of each item separately.

Any ideas how to achieve this?

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I recently work on a VBA project in access. But I face various problem when I get updated from Microsoft. When I added a VBA code "X='Good'". and going to give a space then the mouse cursor is automatically moves back over the space. What Should I do now?

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I need urgent help. I am importing the MS Excel file to MS Access to create a data base.

All steps are cleared but in the last the Access gives the following error:

Type conversion failure.

I don't know why this problem occurred however I have done all steps.

Please tell me if someone experience this kind of error.


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I am using NetBeans for java work. I want to develop 1 application. In that application I want to get some data from database. For database access I don’t want to use SQL or Oracle. I want to use MS-ACCESS because those peoples are not computer expert so they don’t have knowledge about SQL or Oracle. Now I am having one problem.

I Select Start – Settings – Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Data Sources

(ODBC). And then I click new data source and then I select Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb) and then I try to get data from Ms-Access file but I can’t get success. Any one tell me its solution.

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Hi folks,

I have been fighting with this for days and your expert help is needed! I am executing some code which results with "Object doesn't support this property or method". The error is occurring on the "With Me.OLEObject" line (By the way, I haven't found documentation which explains what the "With" clause is suppose to do?).

I am trying to extract a Word document(OLE object) from an Access database, for each record in the table, and save it as a Word Document.

Here is the exact phrase of the error:

Windows Script Host
                Script: A:runtime_error.vbs

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I am Kantomas.

I face a problem when I make a database in MS Access. I use office 2007 and I know how to work in MS Access. Some days I face a problem. When I work on Access my data doesn't save & shows me a message

"This data could not be saved please use office 2000".Oh, btw, my operating system is Windows 7.

I haven't saved any data from 1 month. I reinstalled this software but the computer still shows the same message. I don't understand. I want to solve this problem. So my question to this web site is

"How can I solve the access problem?".


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I have a problem with a Microsoft Access database. I'm developing a desktop application using Access for the database. I know that Microsoft Access can develop applications as well, but in this case I only use the database side while the application was developed using Visual Basic 6 and for reporting side I'm using Crystal Reports.


I know it's probably a little bit old fashioned that I'm still using Visual Basic 6 while .Net and Java is available to use, but it's what I'm familiar with. I'm using Windows 7, 32 bits with 2GB RAM.

Anyway the application is running well with the database in place. The problem is the user wanted to speed up data entry to the application.

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