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I have replaced the motherboard of my desktop computer, after changing the board CPU automatically turns off due to overheating. This computer has a large heat sink and a fan on it. I was not aware of thermal paste and as I have read that thermal paste is necessary to conduct heat away properly.

So, I used thermal paste for it I but paste seems like not much effective for it. But the problem is same here. Should I use any other thermal paste or help me to do something else. What should I do now? Can anyone help me in this regard?

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For the past four days my computer has been restarting randomly. After 10, 5, 30, minutes or even after some hours. Strangely enough i don’t get any error messages or notification when this happens.

After every shut down, a message "How do you want to start Windows" when the computer restarts itself.

Basically, i use the computer to surf the net using Firefox, play a game “Hitman Blood Money” and to play audio and video files.

I had a feeling the problem was the video card, i checked it out, and it was hot, it was kind of getting heated up. I bought a new video card and had it fixed. This time round my PC would blink for a second and then shut off.

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How to replace motherboard to a computer?

I bought a desktop computer with an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor, 200 gig hard drive etc. It recently started displaying very wavy images on my screen. I turned it off for a while but now when I turned it on my computer, the fans just start up and keep going and no image is displayed on my screen.

I replaced the graphics card and still have the same problem but I didn't hear beep sound or anything. I was told by my friend that it was the motherboard problem. What should I do to fix this? Does anyone know this kind of problem?

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