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Mobile Browsers

Mobile Browsers

Good day to all,

I think I am having a minor problem with my Samsung Corby’s internet. I received a message with an attached file on my Yahoo mail. When I tried to download the attachment from yahoo, it displayed that it was downloading the file. But after an hour of waiting, the attachment, downloading suddenly stopped.
I’m pretty sure that my internet was working fine. What could be the problem?
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I use Nokia 5130 java phone. I have Opera Mini 4 as my built in browser. Recently I downloaded Opera Mini 4.3 in to my mobile. After few days of use it got corrupted.

Then I tried to uninstall it and it says it can uninstall Opera. I also tried to update it and it says same version exists and it can’t be updated. Now I can’t use my default browser and can’t browse the web.

Is there any solution for this problem?

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Hi! Friends,

Bought an Xperia X8, but I was surprised to know that it cannot play youtube videos and even MP4’s.  Every time I attempt to play a video from youtube, the screen would just show me a message saying “Sorry, the video cannot be played”.  I tried to download youtube and re-install it in my phone, but still the same problem persists. 

Is this problem enough reason to say that the phone is defective and needs to be replaced?  Do I need to adjust settings or download any files or components in order for youtube videos to play in my Xperia? If yes, which settings? What files to download?  I hope somebody can help me. 


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I’m having this kind of problem that I may not the only one experiencing it. And I am unable to figure out! I am not sure when this started but, when I open Safari it just sits there for a few seconds then crashes.

I have loaded sky F1 and am able to browse so I do not believe it is a network issue.

I have found that if I turn on airplane mode, then open up Safari it will come up and tell me that I need to turn off Airplane mode. So I then turn off airplane mode and then I am able to access Safari until I close them out, then I have to start the vicious circle again.

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