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Misc Networking

Misc Networking

Morning dear friends,

I am having problem with my Dial up modem connection.

It was working fine and suddenly it stopped working and gave this error message stating that there is an error in connection.

I thought that my connection might be out of credit, so topped up my connection with the credit and then tried to connect it but again I received the same error.

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In our office there are 5 computers sharing one printer.  The printer is connected and shared to the network. 

Printer brand and model is HP LaserJet P4015.  I have observed that others are getting their prints a lot faster than I do.  It always takes a minimum of one minute, before the print command loads and after I click the print command, it  takes another minute to process my prints. 

I know that the problem is not with the network nor from the printer because everybody is able to connect to it properly. 

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I have a print server which is a Windows 2000 professional machine, having service pack 4 installed on it.

It uses Windows authentication, for registration of users allowed to print, using the printer installed on this machine.

While configuring one of my client for permission to print, I got the following error again and again.

pinter folder error

Printers Folder

There was an error found when printing the document “Test Page” to ZETAFAX_SPL:.

Do you want to retry or cancel the job?

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I want to expand my network, so I decided to connect another router to my existing router.


My router is a Linksys WRT54G and I bought another router, of the same model. I also bought an RJ45 with a very long cord, which will connect my existing router to my secondary one.

My original router is placed on the 2nd floor of the house, and the secondary will be on the 1st floor.

When I try to connect the two, there is no internet connection available.


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I have a problem with my router. I am using a ZTE router, which started giving me problems with a recent power breakdown. The router has four lime color lights on the top and when it’s working, all are on (some blinking) but after the power breakdown, it won’t turn on any of the lights except the power one.

I disconnected the phone line and the removed everything, even the splitter but still it won’t work. I have tried both wired and wireless connections with it and seems like I can use local LAN but cannot connect to the internet.

If anyone can help I’ll be grateful.

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My office is using 2 MB ADSL internet connection and there are more than 20 users and less than 50 users at the office. I was wondering whether I can block some websites or not. Although the office already has an internet connection, with speed up to 2 MB, apparently it's not enough and the users always complain that it's very slow.

I happened to find out, that some users open sites such as YouTube and other video streaming and I think that's what makes it very slow, because all the bandwidth went to the streaming sites. I want to block certain websites, without using complicated software or maybe complicated procedures.

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I have two ISP providers and I want to use it simultaneously, in one Gadget. What IT networking product am I going to purchase and how to use it? Any suggestions. Please needed it ASAP. Thanks and God Bless!

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Please anybody, can you help me  understand in an easy way, what is In-Vehicle Networking ?

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When I am using my VPN at home, I am unable to get a steady connection.

When at work, I use the same laptop to connect to the same VPN.

It works fine when I am at work, but gets disconnected every 3 to 5 minutes when I am home.

Somebody please help me.

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