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Memory / RAM

Memory / RAM

I am too much worried about my hard disk. Please read the problem carefully and give me a proper solution.

I have got an 80 GB Samsung SATA hard disk which is out

of warranty period. The problem is that had disk partition is not working and completely vanished. I did four partitions while installing Windows XP and everything was fine. I installed all the software and copied many files from another hard disk.

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My Twinmos RAM is interrupting regularly. I am using a DDR 512 MB Twinmos RAM on an Intel D865 series motherboard.

I haven’t installed any new device or software for long time and pc performance was pretty good. But I am not getting any display in my pc.

To check the RAM quality, I tried it on different pc and it is working pretty well in there. Same RAM is not working in my pc.

I tried it on different slot and surprisingly the display has shown up but only for 2/3 minutes then it’s all black again.

What’s wrong happening here?

Is there any problem in my motherboard?

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Please help me in this very troublesome situation on my PC.

Yesterday, I had updated my AMI BIOS as a recommendation from a friend who has knowledge on computer hardware and networking.

According to him, I need to update the BIOS for compatibility purposes with the new 500GB hard drive that I had mounted ahead into my PC. In the middle of the BIOS update process, there was an unexpected power interruption happened.

When I started the PC again, its Windows Vista operating system did not boot.

"Not enough memory to run and runswap.exe"

I followed the command prompt and press F10, but nothing had happened.

I cannot go to BIOS page set-up also.

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 I am using winows7. I have a 2GB RAM. But I find it almost full most of the time. How can I free up my RAM? When I play any game like fifa11 my pc stutters. I think it is for the fill up of RAM because my processor and graphics card is okay. I don’t even use any heavy application. So where is the problem? How can I free up the memory?

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How to fix memory problem of a computer?

This is a three month old Celeron desktop computer. It all started about the time I started making new user accounts but every time I reboot my computer I hear continues and annoying sound that really bugs me off. And when I'm using my computer it suddenly restarts.

And when it restarts, I hears the annoying sound again. I don't know where it came from. I checked inside the CPU but I think its all okay. So I reboot my computer again to try it once again but nothing happen. My friend told me that could be the memory. How will I fix this problem?

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I just bought a brand new RAM stick yesterday, the same specifications to the one on my computer. I have a 1 GB RAM installed, functioning well. I installed the second stick and booted the computer. Something strange happened the computer turned on but the screen was bank, no picture, no BIOS test, just a green light on the screen which blinked repeatedly. When i took out one of the sticks, the computer functioned normally. I tested the other stick alone, it was working too. I have tried lowering the voltages in the BIOS and changing the clock speed of the RAM. Still the two ram modules can’t work together. My motherboard holds up to 4 GB of memory, so this should not be a problem.

My specs:

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