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Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes

My Lotus account recently changed as my company was shifting to a new domino server. The IT support staff set up my new account and added a bookmark on the column at the left. Clicking this bookmark allowed me to directly access my old account. This was working perfectly till about two days ago. Now, when I click on the bookmark I get this error:

Lotus Notes

You are not authorized to perform that operation: C:icnab.nsf


The Domino administrator is on leave and the IT help desk staff have no idea how to solve this. Any suggestions?

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How to configure Lotus notes client on my desktop?

Can anyone give me steps with requisites.



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Question, we are in the middle of converting from lotus notes to Google apps and starting to convert windows XP users to Windows 7.

We are having a problem with users that are converted from windows XP to windows 7 the users also get lotus notes client 8.5.2. FP2. And they are also Google apps users on Chrome.

The problem is when they get a (lotus notes) document link in Google apps, the user clicks on the link in Google apps, Google apps launches a dialog (External Protocol Request), users then click button "Launch Application" – a blank tab then opens on Google apps but the user is not taken to lotus or to the document in question.

Any help or direction will be appreciated.

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