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Linux Distributions

Linux Distributions

I want to try out Linux but I don't want to reformat my hard drive with Windows on it.

Is there a way I can do that without removing Windows from my PC or reformatting my hard disk? I am afraid I might ruin the partition and render Windows useless.

Thanks a bunch.

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Why is Linux so slow please describe me and How it very easy to my PC?

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Hi All,

Why linux is using hex number ID for file system partition type ?

Any insight is of great help

Thank you

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Intrigued by Linux made ​​me decide to install a Linux OS as my second OS.. It seems I have to learn again to use the OS. The Problem is, I've just installed PCLinuxOS on your PC. But do not know how to dial the internet setting. I used Smartup d1200p.
Please Linuxers. For those who know will understand this was a newbie.
Thanks for giving the solution……..

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i am using few  AIX unix server for my company.we used to take the server backup and for that reason we shut down the services and instances before the backup.we kept the screenshots of the services before the backup.once the backup is over we used to bring up the services but last day while bringing up the services we got and error as “no space left on device”.can anyone suggest why we are getting such errors.

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I am using one tape drive in one UNIX server. Daily  i used to take backup and weekly also i used to take backup.

When I try to restore one of the UNIX file system from one of the media i am getting error as below

Cannot create file: Not a directory write error extracting inode 14765, name ./sfw/sbin/smbd”.

Can it may be error in server or it may be in the disk.

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I am system engineer working for a private film.

I mostly support on Unix server that is IBM AIX server for the clients .In one of the server we are using ora11gR2 and ora10gR2 database, when I try to shutdown the DB I am getting an error as “could not open parameter file '/oradata3/oracle11g/ora11gR2/app/ora11gR2/product/11.2.0”.this is the first time I am getting error while shutting down the instances.

I will mention the two database and the instances name as “ora11gR2 18974 1 0 01:24:47 ? 0:21 ora_pmon_SOADB” “ora10gR2 19156 1 0 01:26:02 ? 0:19 ora_pmon_FLEXCJ” “ora11gR2 19072 1 0 01:25:13 ? 0:19 ora_pmon_FCPBDB”.

Please help.


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Hi friends,

I have a lot of problem loading my Linux operating system.

If it were windows, i could have tried the bios menu, or i could have run in safe mode. But since it is Linux, i don't know what to do.

Someone please  help me.

Is there any similar option in Linux?

How am i supposed to boot my computer?


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Hello dear friends,

After an update done on yesterday, I am getting the following error in my KDE.

A Fatal Error occurred
The application Plasma Workspace (plasma) crashed and caused
 the signal 11 ( SIGSEGV).
Please help us improve the software you use by filing a report at
https://bugs.kde.org/. Useful details include how to reproduce the

error, documents that were loaded, etc.

plasma workspace

The plasma wont going to load at all.

Following is the output from the console.

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Good morning,

I am new to Linux and started using fedora 14 for some months.

Since last evening, I am getting the error that my Linux kernel got corrupted or something happened with it and I have to send report to some url.

Now I don’t know whether it is the fake message due to some virus or original message by the operating system.

The actual error is as under.

Your system had a kernel failure
There is diagnostic information available for this
failure. Do you want to submit this information to
the www.kerneloops.org website for use by the
Linux kernel developers?
kernel error

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