Latest Threats

Latest Threats

What kind of Malware is Gauss Malware?

How can I protect my PC from the Malware?

Do I need any new protection if I use ESET internet security?

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Hi everybody,

For some reason, every now and then, wmiprvse.exe is causing my CPU usage to jump up to 100% and I have no idea why!

CPU usage 100%

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Hi all,

I have been playing a game Ensk map on my PC for quite a number of days now, but yesterday, suddenly while playing the game, too many CTDs started coming on the screen that it was not possible for me to play it. Gradually, the CTD started extending to other maps and ultimately, it covered the whole game. First, it was difficult to play the game, but now, I can't even give it a start. At that moment, I could not think of any other option than to scan my system. So, I scanned it, but no virus was detected.

The second option I thought of was to re-install my game. I tried to do it likewise, but an error appeared on my screen:

 "7 zip CRC error"

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According to research, spammers are already using Android botnets.

The botnets are able to access Yahoo mails and send out spam messages to Android devices.

How can you tell if your device was already infected by the Android Trojan application and how do you fix it?

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my computer was recently attacked by a virus when i connected it to a USB drive of a friend. The virus replicated all folders in the windows and creates .exe files. I tried installing Anti-viruses but they do not detect the virus. 

any help regarding the issue?



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While on Facebook the background of my computer started to change a demon with scary red eyes started to appear as I tried to exit out the demon eyes turned an even brighter red and then the words started to jumble.

Is this some scary virus?

I shut off my computer and restored it to earlier date and everything seems to be fine is there something else I should do?

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Flame malware keeps on targeting major tech companies, how will the expert stop this threat? When will be the community become worry free from this malware? 

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The Flame virus was detected by Kaspersky Labs because of an ITU request.

Kaspersky says that Flame is 20 times bigger than Stuxnet (a virus that sabotaged a Nuclear plant in Iran on 2010)

And it has already infected some middle east countries.

Will this virus be contained in the middle east and not spread to other regions? 

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Flame virus scares experts as it was suspected to have been deployed for the past five years. Given this, how did Flame virus   retained its district existence for five years without any detection? What did the expert do to detect such complex virus? How can we prevent Flame virus?

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Is there really a new virus called Flame and what does this do to a computer? How can I safeguard my computer against this virus and what steps do I have to take to avoid this?

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