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I have an iPod Classic 3rd generation with 30 gigs HDD. I have collected quite a large number of music in my iPod. Through normal use, my iPod sometimes gets into trouble, say sometimes when I turn it on, it won't. I have to reset it again.

But I'm afraid that my iPod will be corrupted due to resetting it more often. I want to copy the music files and the video files from my iPod and place it on my laptop.

Can this be possible? 

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I have an iPod touch 1st gen and I tried to restore it because I was having problems and now it won't restore. It says something like, error 6.

I haven't jail broken it or done anything like that.

Please anyone can help me!! 

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I am planning on buying an Apple iPod Touch 8 GB (4th Generation) but I have lots of question about it.

What is the DOCK for and do I have to have it to use the iPod?

How do i charge it? 

Do I need iTunes account and why?

I am waiting for the valuable response.


Kevin Petersen

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Good Day!

I've been using iMac and iPod Gen. 3 for quite some time now and yet, I still can't figure out, how to upload videos that have been downloaded from other websites using iMac to my iPod.

Apple said that I should download videos from iTunes. I looked for their instructions for iPod but then all information was for iTunes' videos only.

What if the videos were from a remote website? How can I transfer those videos to my iPod?

Hope you can help me.

Thanks in Advance.

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I got an IPod shuffle from my friend, as a gift for my birthday. It has some problem. Whenever, I try to connect it with iTunes, it prompts an error saying,

ITunes Ipod Error


The iPod “Administrator’s iPod” cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to.

It’s a second hand iPod and was purchased from Amazon, so there is no return possible.

Please guide me how to make this iPod work again.

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My aunt bought me an iPod touch from the US last month and it was working properly, even though it was already used before. Now for the 1 month I had the iPod, I cannot count how many times I dropped the device and how many times I overcharged it. Now I cannot scroll using the touch screen. I would like to find a professional to check the problem out, but then the people I consult would tell me, that I need to bring it to an authorized Apple store and apparently, there is no authorized Apple store in our city. Please help. Thanks.
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Dear All,

I've recently purchased an iPod touch 3G 16GB. Unfortunately my iPod's software has totally crashed. I just don't know what happened. Now it has nothing in it. I tried to restore it, but failed. What should I do now? Please help me.



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I have an iPod Nano, 5th Generation with video and I always use MacBook to connect my iPod with iTunes. Couple of days ago, I connected my iPod with a Windows computer, to charge.  After fully charged, I just disconnected my  iPod from the PC and tried to listen to a song, but it  freezes and I couldn't do anything.

Then I again connect it with the Windows computer and it showed in computer to format. I gave format and then tried again, but IT doesn't work. Whenever I turn it on, it just freezes and now it is also not detecting my MacBook iTunes. I'm requesting someone to help me solve my problem. I've lots of  collection of audio in my iPod Nano. I want to listen to those songs. Thanks.


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I have this simple for some, but very intriguing question for me. My iPod touch suddenly stopped getting recognized by my iTunes. It doesn't sync any more.
Has anyone else faced a similar issue? Please help.
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