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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

I am presently testing web pages developed by my company. My task was to check the compatibility of our present website with the new version of Internet Explorer 8.

We use a lot of Google gadgets such as Charts, Graphs and Gauges. The website pages works fine when viewed in Internet Explorer 7. But when i checked the pages with Internet Explorer 8, the gadgets does not show up.

I heard that certain webpages that were working correctly does not seem to show correctly in IE 8. The funny thing is when i checked the sample pages for the charts, graphs and gauges given by Google in their online documentation via Internet Explorer 8, the gadgets works fine!

Does anyone know the reason? Please help!

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Every time I search the Internet using Google and then click a result, I get directed to a website that is completely irrelevant to my keyword. The webpage that I am directed to is not even the same website showing on the search results page.

It’s like Internet Explorer has a mind of its own. Any ideas what could be causing the problem?

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