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Chennai, India
Saturday, October 2, 2021 01:10 AM


Hello everybody,

I need your help. I have one table called big _strings, and I created it using the following code:

Create table big_strings (Field_name text)

Then I wrote the following SQL Query:

Select subset (field_name, 1, 3) from big_strings;

But I get an error:

Error: Blobs are not allowed in this expression

Is there another way to select one part of a string in text field?


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I am using IDS 11.50.FC71E on RHEL 2.6.18. I have a 4GL function and it calls the C function using this code:
CALL c_func(x, y, z) WHERE x, y and z are the parameters.
But it gives a fault (core dump). If I do not pass the parameters, then the program is working fine. Even in HP UNIX, the program works fine even with arguments being passed. Only in RHEL am I facing this issue. Can you please let me know what can be the root cause of the problem and how to solve it?
Thanks in advance.



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During execution of my procedure, I have faced this error (Value exceeds limit of SMALLINT precision). I could not trace down the error to the exact location. Also the compiler does not tell me the line number or anything that helps me trace the error.

Can anyone help me locate the problem to solve this error? Thanks.

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The following databases are running on my computer:

Informix DNS 10.00FC8 with Linux RedHat

MS SQL Version 2008 Express running on my Windows 2003 R2 SP2

And lastly, I am running IBM client Version 3.5 TC4 when connecting with Windows Server to Linux. I configured the Informix and linked the server to SQL with the help of OLE Database for ODBC. It was working but it failed on completion. I need to use the OPENQUERY in SQL to make it work flawlessly. I want to know if it is just fine to and if OPENQUERY is working better than selecting it in the simplest way.

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