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Hardware Components

Hardware Components

Hello. Recently I put together a new build – P8P67 Pro, i5 2500k, Ripjaw RAM, H70 CPU cooler, Samsung 204UI 2TB HDD – but I'm reusing my older hard drives, power supply and graphics card.

My first problem is that my new Samsung HDD won't show up anywhere (BIOS or Windows). I took it back to the store and tried it in other computers and it shows up straight away without any hassle. Since it's undamaged I can't return it and I'm stuck with it. Before anyone suggests it, yes I've tried using different SATA ports, and cables.

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My CD ROM is stuck because of the broken CD in it. Please tell me how to open it with without opening the computer cover because it is locked too and I don't have its key.


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I bought new video card before couple of days, and I have a problem. When I installed the video board in my MoBo and rebooted the system the POST (power on self test) was terribly slow. Before it passed for seconds, now it needs around 10-15 minutes. I tested the video on my neighbour's PC, and it worked with no problems. What is the reason for this? Do I need to change my MoBo?

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