Hardware Components

Hardware Components

Hi techyv,

I have windows 7 installed in my laptop.

The details of the laptop are as follows: Hard-disk 320 GB Processor Core i3 2 GB RAM Graphics card 763 MB (Internal).  

I want to boot my laptop using a pen-drive or a flash-drive.

So how can i use my pen-drive to boot my laptop?

Help needed.

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Hi everyone,

That action occurred ,when I installed the Audio Driver after the Windows Xp operating system was successfully installed.

Actually I upgraded the OS from Windows 98 to Windows XP.

The next move I applied was, to reinstall the drivers, but the error still exists. The next option I did was research the driver thru online, but apparently the installer was failed to complete.

Can anyone help or have an idea on how to fix and complete the installation?

I think my actions didn't help the problem.

I have to install the drivers in order for me to use the computer.


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I am using Dell Inspiron 15R (N5010) with Intel i3 Processor, Centrino Wireless – N 1000 and Intel HD Graphics installed with Windows 7. I am facing the problem since yesterday that whenever I am trying to start my system, it is showing an error – Realtek PCIe FE Family controller Series v1.19 (08/10/09) exe-8:E61: Media Test Failure Check Cable. I have 4 GB RAM (2 x 2GB) which I removed and tried to power on but system does not go beyond the error message.

I also tried to re-install Windows 7 but getting the same error time and time again.

Please suggest.

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Hey there. I just recently bought a second hand computer that was supposed to be disposed of one of our neighbors, but then I decided to buy it. They said it has some minor issues, and in addition, they really want to buy a new one instead. I heard it was just assembled, but who cares?

As long as it will not cost me much, that’s perfectly fine. Now, I am getting this IDE not detected error in the computer. I do not want to touch anything yet as I am scared I might mess up. Anyhow, if somebody can let me know what seems to be the problem, I’d be glad to know. I would like to lists of things I can check on my computer to fix this.

Appreciate your comments.

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My notebook has a built-in DVD/CD ROM. I owned this for 3 years from now.

One day as I inserted a cd installer to do an installation process, the cd won’t work. I inserted another one which is a DVD it failed to load up. Upon checking the Device Manager to check the DVD/CD ROM drives status a warning sign indicates in the code

How could that be done wherein my notebook been using for 3 years and I did not upgrade my computer because I’m contented with Windows XP OS.

How could that be? Please help me find ways to fix this problem.

Thanks All.

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I have a Desktop computer which has a DVD Drive. There is no problem with the computer performance except the DVD Drive. Few days back I have just removed the computer panel to clean the dust by myself and made sure I never removed or touched any cables or connections. But since form that day I face a problem like the DVD Drive is powered up but it doesn’t work.

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Good Day everyone!

This is the warning message I have seen in my computer early in the morning!


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How will I fix video adapter of a computer?

I am recovering my old Panasonic laptop that has Windows XP. At first it worked well. But after the installation of operating system. The VGA Adapter screen colors changed.

Then I uninstalled it and downloaded some drivers from internet and installed then everything was fine. It forced me to uninstall the driver also. The Windows XP runs on VGA adapter. Only problem is too slow and has a vertical colored lines to it. I also tried to removed some driver like the mouse and replaced it with usb mouse but nothing happen. How will I fix the video adapter of my laptop?


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How is checking disk helps a computer?

I'm using a Windows Crystal XP and its checking the disk. Its been running for 4 hours today and it's not finish yet. It's on the 3rd phase and it's taking too long.

Is it safe to just shutdown the computer while checkdisk is running? When I start to run the checkdisk I clicked on the recovery of bad sectors and fix files automatically and the 3rd phase is when it check the free hard drive space.

How does the check disk helps a computer?

And why should it always do that?

Can someone tell me?

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DE cable problem, how will I fix it?

I'm fixing my own computer, but I think there is an IDE cable problem. My hard drive is connected by the IDE, but the CD drive is connected to the motherboard by an IDE cable. When the IDE cable is connected to the CD drive, it doesn't open, even the status indicator on it light up when the computer is turned on.

But when the IDE cable is not connected to the indicator light flashes and it can be opened. I have tried using another IDE cable but nothing happens.  How will I fix it?


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